The Amazons (play)

The Amazons: A Farcical Romance is an 1893 play by Arthur Wing Pinero.[1][2]

The play subsequently opened the Royal Court Theatre on March 7, 1893 and ran for 111 performances through July 8, 1893. It subsequently opened at the Lyceum Theatre on February 19, 1894.[3]

The plot involves three sisters (Noeline/Noel, Wilhelmina/Willis, and Thomasin/Tommie) raised by their aristocratic father as his male heirs. They have trouble adjusting to society.[4]

The play was revived (again with Billie Burke) and opened at the Empire Theatre on April 28, 1913.[5] The revival included the song "My Otaheitee lady" with music by Jerome Kern, using lyrics by the deceased Charles H. Taylor.[6]

In 1917 it was adapted as a film of the same name.

Broadway cast

  • Lorena Atwood as "Sergeant" Shutter
  • Barrett Barker as Orts
  • Billie Burke as Lady Thomasin
  • Miriam Clements as Lady Noeline
  • Annie Esmond as Miriam
  • Arthur Fitzgerald as Youatt
  • Ferdinand Gottschalk as Galfred
  • Shelly Hull as Barrington
  • Dorothy Lane as Lady Wilhelmina
  • Thomas Reynolds as Fitton
  • Morton Selten as Rev. Minchin
  • Fritz Williams as Andre


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