The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox

The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox is a 1963 Australian children's series. The show combined a string puppet, a mischievous fox named Sebastian, who was placed in real-life settings. It was among the first shows of its kind produced in Australia, as it was very different from earlier Australian children's series like Peters Club and Tarax Show. The Sebastian puppet was designed and operated by puppeteer Peter Scriven.

The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox
Written byTim Burstall
Directed byTim Burstall
Composer(s)George Dreyfus
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes13
Producer(s)Patrick Ryan
Camera setupGiorgio Mangiamele
Running time10 mins
Original networkABC
Original release1963

The music was composed by George Dreyfus, who became a leading Australian composer.[1] The score was subsequently arranged by Dreyfus for various small ensemble combinations for performance by young musicians as a complete concert.[2]


  1. Sebastian and the Sausages - Sebastian steals sausages cooked by a tramp.
  2. Sebastian and the Burglar - Sebastian seeks refuge in a house at the same time as a burglar.
  3. The Bomb
  4. The Animal Catcher - Sebastian is caught by a pet catcher
  5. The Sleepwalkers - Sebastian dresses up as a ghost
  6. The Showman - a greedy showman exploits Sebastian's talents as a violinist
  7. The Gold Mine - Sebastian buys a gold mine.
  8. The Painter - Sebastian enters an artist's studio.
  9. The Doll's House - Sebastian decides to move into a doll's house.
  10. The Castaway - Sebastian gets shipwrecked.
  11. The Classroom - Sebastian plays up in a classroom.
  12. The Potters - Sebastian moves into a potter's studio.
  13. The Fashion Parade - Sebastian wanders into the middle of the judging of the Best Dressed Man of the Year Competition.


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