The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring

The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring is a 1916 American drama film serial directed by Francis Ford and Jacques Jaccard. It is now considered to be lost.[1]

The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring
Theatrical poster to The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring
Directed byFrancis Ford
Jacques Jaccard
Written byJoe Brandy
Grace Cunard
StarringGrace Cunard
Francis Ford
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • May 1, 1916 (1916-05-01)
Running time
300 minutes (15 episodes)
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


Chapter titles

  1. The Leopard's Mark
  2. A Strange Inheritance
  3. In The Lion's Den
  4. The Circus Mongrels
  5. The House of Mystery
  6. The Cry For Help or Cry of The Ring
  7. The Wreck
  8. Outwitted
  9. The Leap
  10. In the Hands of The Enemy
  11. The Stampede
  12. On The High Seas
  13. The Clown Act
  14. The Will
  15. Retribution

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