The Adventures of Hal 5

The Adventures of Hal 5 is a 1958 British adventure film from the Children's Film Foundation (CCF).[1]

The Adventures of Hal 5
Directed byDon Sharp
Produced byGilbert Church
Written byDon Sharp
Based onnovel Hal 5 and the Haywards by Henry Donald
StarringWilliam Russell
Bushey Film Studios
Distributed byChildren's Film Foundation
Release date
Running time
57 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom


Hal 5, an old car, is discovered by two children and purchased by their uncle, a vicar (William Russell).[2] The garage proprietor, Goorlie, conceals Hal's faulty transmission.



The film was made by Don Sharp who had previously directed The Stolen Airliner for the CCF.[3]


The Monthly Film Bulletin called The Adventures of Hal 5 "a charming little film."[1]

Robert Shall, who wrote a book on CCF movies, had Hal 5 "combines two favorite CFF elements: gentle fantasy and nostalgic affection for vintage vehicles of varying kinds...the appeal, apart from the charming anthropomorphic car, lies in the presentation of a rural idyll... the pace is particularly leisurely."[4]


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