The Adventurer (TV series)

The Adventurer is an ITC Entertainment British TV crime thriller/adventure series created by Dennis Spooner that ran for one season from 1972 to 1973. It premiered in the UK on 29 September 1972. The show starred Gene Barry as Gene Bradley, a government agent of independent means who poses as a glamorous American movie star.

The Adventurer
GenreCrime thriller
Spy drama
Created byMonty Berman
Dennis Spooner
StarringGene Barry
Barry Morse
Catherine Schell
Garrick Hagon
Theme music composerJohn Barry
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes26
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)ITC Entertainment
DistributorGranada International Media Limited
Original networkATV
Original release1972 

The series contain plots and scenes that combine elements of the crime thriller, adventure, and secret agent drama genres.

Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Dennis Price as Brandon (3 episodes)
  • Stuart Damon as Vince Elliot (2 episodes)
  • Sue Gerrard as Jane (2 episodes, plus opening titles)

Episode list

  1. Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice and Miss Me Once Again
  2. Poor Little Rich Girl
  3. Thrust and Counter Thrust
  4. The Bradley Way
  5. Return to Sender
  6. Counterstrike
  7. Love Always, Magda
  8. Nearly the End of the Picture
  9. Deadlock
  10. Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?
  11. Skeleton in the Cupboard
  12. Target!
  13. Action!
  14. Full Fathom Five
  15. I'll Get There Sometime
  16. To the Lowest Bidder
  17. Going, Going...
  18. The Not-So Merry Widow
  19. Mr. Calloway Is a Very Cautious Man
  20. Double Exposure
  21. The Case of the Poisoned Pawn
  22. The Solid Gold Hearse
  23. Make It a Million
  24. Icons Are Forever
  25. Somebody Doesn't Like Me
  26. The Good Book

DVD release

A Region 2 DVD release of the show, which features interviews with Morse, Damon and Schell, is available from Network DVD. Barry refused to be interviewed, and other cast members accused him of being "short-tempered" and "egomaniacal". Morse sums up the series in the DVD extras: "It wasn't the worst show ever made, but it certainly wasn't the best!"

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