The 20th Cavalry (Lucky Luke)

Le Vingtième de cavalerie is a Lucky Luke adventure written by Goscinny and illustrated by Morris. It is the twenty-seventh book in the series and it was originally published in French in 1965.

The Twentieth Cavalry
Cover of the French edition
SeriesLucky Luke
Creative team
Original publication
Date of publication1965
Preceded byThe Oklahoma Land Rush
Followed byEmperor Smith


Buffaloes having been illegally hunted on their territory, which the Cheyenne need for their survival, the Cheyenne break the treaty authorizing the free movement of whites on it. Worse than that is that someone has even provided the Indians with firearms! Lucky Luke is sent to find a solution to the crisis and do everything to get a new pact signed between Yellow Dog and McStraggle, colonel of the 20th Cavalry Regiment.

Lucky Luke volunteers as scout for the 20th Cavalry and, visiting Yellow Dog, quickly finds out that Derek Flood, a renegade cavalrist, is hatching a plot against McStraggle for having kicked him out of the army. The situation for the beleaguered soldiers becomes more desperate as Flood exploits his insider knowledge of the fort to starve out his ex-comrades. Lucky Luke and Grover escape the siege to fetch reinforcements to rescue their comrades. The reinforcements arrive just as McStraggle leads a potentially suicidal charge out the fort, forcing the Indians to surrender. Flood is arrested.


  • Colonel McStraggle: Commanding the regiment 20th cavalry.
  • Ming Li Foo: Launderer.
  • Derek Flood: Deserter and arms dealer.
  • Grover McStraggle: Rider of the regiment, son of the colonel.
  • Jeremiah Bowler: Hatter.
  • Yellow Dog: Chief of the Cheyenne.
  • Crazy Coyote: Chief of the Sioux.
  • Sick Eagle: Chief of the Arapahoes.


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