That's Black Entertainment

That's Black Entertainment is a 1989 documentary film starring African-American performers and featuring clips from black films from 1929-1957.

That's Black Entertainment
Directed byWilliam Greaves
Produced byNorm Revis, Jr.
David Arpin
Written byG. William Jones
Distributed byVideo Communications
Release date
Running time
60 minutes

Film clips included

Many entertainers, along with their musical numbers, and the film they starred in, include:

Not only musical clips were shown, but dramatic clips as well, like Murder in Harlem (1935), Juke Joint (1947), Four Shall Die (1940), and Souls of Sin (1949).

The film also includes clips from white films stereotyping blacks, including D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, and a blackfaced Bing Crosby in Crooner's Holiday (1932).

Celebrity appearances


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