Thank You, Natercia

Thank You, Natercia (French: Merci Natercia!) is a 1963 French drama film directed by Pierre Kast and starring Clara D'Ovar, Pierre Vaneck and Pierre Dudan.[1]

Thank You, Natercia
Directed byPierre Kast
Produced byPeter Oser
Paul Temps
Written byPierre Kast
Peter Oser
Olivier Sylvain
StarringClara D'Ovar
Pierre Vaneck
Pierre Dudan
Music byGeorges Delerue
CinematographySacha Vierny
Edited byYannick Bellon
Jad Films
Release date
Running time
90 minutes


  • Clara D'Ovar as Natércia
  • Pierre Vaneck as Alain
  • Pierre Dudan as Lambert
  • François Maistre as L'avoué
  • Alexandra Stewart as Sandra
  • Ursula Kubler as Olga
  • Peter Oser as Mário
  • Françoise Prévost as Françoise
  • José Quaglio as Claude
  • Ginette Pigeon as Sylvie
  • Françoise Thibaut as Marie-Pierre
  • Bernard Andrieu as Armand
  • Anne-Marie Baumann as Anna
  • Sacha Briquet as Jacques
  • Jean Saudray
  • Jean-Marie Arnoux as Petit rôle
  • Florence Blot as Petit rôle
  • Raymond Bour as Petit rôle
  • André Chanu as Le père d'Alain
  • Jacques Ciron as Petit rôle
  • Liberto Condé as Petit rôle
  • Hubert de Lapparent
  • Marie-Christine Desouches as Petit rôle
  • Yvette Etiévant
  • Pierre Even as Petit rôle
  • Michel Fontayne as Petit rôle
  • Carole Grove as Petit rôle
  • Pierre Hatet as Petit rôle
  • Jacques Hilling as Petit rôle
  • Marie-Luce Jamagne as Petit rôle
  • Claude Mahias as L'amant d'Olga
  • Seda Maliane as Seda
  • Liane Marelli as Petit rôle
  • Manuel Marquez as Petit rôle
  • Jean-Marie Riviière as Petit rôle
  • Serge Sauvion as Bit part
  • Dias Simoes as Le chanteur portugais
  • Mario Sylvestre as Petit rôle
  • Rolande Tisseyre as Macha
  • Bernard Winckler as Petit rôle


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