Thales Nederland

Thales Nederland B.V. (formerly Hollandse Signaalapparaten B.V. or in short Signaal) is a subsidiary of the French multinational company Thales Group involved primarily in naval defence systems (sensors, radars and infrared systems). Other areas of business include air defence, communications, optronics, cryogenic cooling systems and navigation products.

Thales Nederland
Number of employees
1800 (2016)
ParentThales Group 


The company was founded in 1922 in Hengelo as NV Hazemeyer's Fabriek van Signaalapparaten by Hazemeyer and Siemens & Halske for the development of naval fire-control systems. It was way to get around the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles which did not allow German companies to manufacture military equipment.[1] In 1940 the company's factory was captured by the invading German Army. After the war the company was nationalised as N.V. Hollandse Signaalapparaten (Signaal). In 1956 the majority of Signaal shares were purchased by Philips, a Netherlands-based electronics company. Between 1956 and the end of the Cold War Signaal's business expanded to the point where it had customers in 35 countries and over 5,000 employees. In 1990 Philips decided defence was not a core activity and sold Signaal to Thomson-CSF, a French electronics and defence contractor.[2] Signaal became Thomson-CSF Signaal. With the renaming of Thomson to Thales in 2000 Thomson-CSF Signaal became Thales Nederland.


  • TACTICOS- Combat Management System
  • NS100 - 3D Naval Air and Surface surveillance radar
  • SMART-L-EWC - 3D multibeam radar
  • I-Mast - a housing that accommodates all major radars, sensors and antennas of a naval vessel
  • Goalkeeper CIWS - autonomous and completely automatic weapon system for short-range defense
  • Gatekeeper - Staring Electro-Optic security system
  • Smart-S MK2 multi beam radar

Land Defence & C4I

  • Sotas Solutions - vehicle communications
  • SQUIRE Ground Surveillance Radar - a man-portable medium-range ground surveillance radar



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