Texas State Highway 6

State Highway 6 (SH 6) runs from the Red River, the Texas–Oklahoma boundary, to northwest of Galveston, where it is known as the Old Galveston Highway. In Sugar Land and Missouri City, it is known as Alvin-Sugarland Road and runs perpendicular to I-69/US 59. In the Houston area, it runs north to FM 1960, then northwest along US Highway 290 to Hempstead, and south to Westheimer Road and Addicks, and is known as Addicks Satsuma Road. In the BryanCollege Station area, it is known as the Earl Rudder Freeway. In Hearne, it is known as Market Street. In Calvert, it is known as Main Street. For most of its length, SH 6 is not a limited-access road.

State Highway 6
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length476.4 mi[1] (766.7 km)
ExistedApril 4, 1917–present
Major junctions
South end I-45 / SH 146 in La Marque
  I-69 / US 59 in Sugar Land
I-10 / US 90 in Houston
I-35 in Waco
I-20 in Eastland
North end SH-6 north of Quanah
Highway system
RE 5Spur 6

In 1997, the Texas Legislature designated SH 6 as the Texas Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway.[2]


Historic routes

State Highway 6 was one of the original 25 state highways proposed on June 21, 1917, overlying the King of Trails Highway.[3] From 1919, the routing mostly followed present-day U.S. Highway 75 from Oklahoma to Dallas, then U.S. Highway 77 to Waco.

Current routes

On August 21, 1923, SH 6 was extended along the eastern Gulf Division branch of State Highway 2 to keep SH 2 from having two separate highways with the same number.[4] In 1926, US 75 and US 77 were overlaid on northern SH 6 from Waco northward through the Dallas area to Denison, and US 75 was overlaid on the section from Houston to Galveston. In 1935, US 290 was overlaid on the section from Hempstead to Houston. While the routes were marked concurrently, the concurrent SH 6 kept its numbering until September 26, 1939, when SH 6 was truncated to the Gulf Division routing ending at Waco. It was rerouted south from Hempstead to Galveston, replacing SH 242 and SH 38.

On September 26, 1945, the roadway was extended northwest to Breckenridge over SH 67, continuing northwest to near Throckmorton along SH 157, which was decommissioned. That same day, the section in southeast Texas between Hempstead and Sugar Land was cancelled, as it was redundant with the new Farm to Market Road 359. On August 20, 1952, the route was truncated on the north side, ending near Breckenridge. This section was transferred to U.S. Highway 183. On September 26, 1967, SH 6 was rerouted to bypass Bremond, with the old route through Bremond transferred to SH 14 and FM 46. On November 1, 1968, the section between Hempstead and Sugar Land was re-established, as it was routed along U.S. Highway 290 until it reached Farm to Market Road (FM) 1960, then replacing FM 1960 southward to where the southern branch of SH 6 intersected to what is now Interstate 69/U.S. Highway 59 in Sugar Land. That portion of FM 1960 from 290 to then Highway 90 at Addicks was built in the 1950s, replacing and rerouting some of what was known as Jackrabbit Road. In the early 1970s, the northern section underwent a massive rerouting due to realignments of numerous U.S. and state routes. On August 4, 1971, the section from Breckenridge south to Eastland was redesignated as State Highway 69. SH 6 was instead rerouted west along U.S. Highway 80 to Cisco, then replaced U.S. Highway 380 northwest to near Old Glory. The route was again extended on July 31, 1975, replacing State Highway 283 between Old Glory and Stamford northward to the Texas/Oklahoma border, completing the current routing of SH 6. The old route of SH 6 was transferred to new SH 283. On October 27, 1989, a section from US 90A to McKeever Road (McKeever Bypass) was added.[1]

A spur, SH 6A was designated on August 1, 1928 from SH 6 to Texas City.[5] On March 19, 1930, this route was renumbered as State Highway 146.

In June 2016, a section of the highway in Eastland County between Cisco and Albany was destroyed due to major flooding.[6]

Business routes

SH 6 has four business routes.

Marlin business loop

Business State Highway 6-N
Length5.328 mi[7] (8.575 km)

Business State Highway 6-N (formerly Loop 23) is a business loop that runs from SH 6 near Marlin in central Texas. The road was bypassed on November 30, 1978 by SH 6 and designated Loop 23. The road was redesignated as Business SH 6-N on June 21, 1990.[8][7]

The number was originally used for Spur 23 on September 25, 1939 as a renumbering of SH 5 Spur, running from US 82 to Annona. On May 19, 1942, this was cancelled and transferred to FM 44.

Reagan business loop

Business State Highway 6-P

Business State Highway 6-P is a business loop that runs near Reagan. The road was bypassed on June 25, 2015 by SH 6 when it was rerouted west.[9]

Bryan-College Station business loop

Business State Highway 6-R
LocationBryan-College Station
Length12.477 mi[10] (20.080 km)

Business State Highway 6-R (formerly Loop 507) is a business loop that runs through Bryan and College Station. The route runs on Texas Avenue in both cities. The route, created in 1972 when SH 6 was routed further north and east, is 12.5 miles (20.1 km) long.[10] The road was redesignated as Business SH 6-R on June 21, 1990. It serves as the eastern boundary of Texas A&M University.

Business State Highway 6-S
Length6.316 mi[11] (10.165 km)

Business State Highway 6-S (formerly Loop 508) is a business loop that runs through Navasota on La Salle Avenue. The route was created in 1972 when SH 6 was rerouted further north and east around town; it is 6.3 miles (10.1 km). The road was redesignated as Business SH 6-S on June 21, 1990.[11]

Route description

SH 6 begins at an intersection with Interstate 45 and SH 3 in Bayou Vista, and proceeds to the northwest, paralleling the ATSF railroad tracks. The highway makes a mostly straight line through Galveston, Brazoria, and Fort Bend Counties, passing through the city of Alvin. As the highway traverses through Sugar Land, it makes a turn to the north after passing intersections with Interstate 69/US Route 59 and Alternate US Route 90. The highway continues north into western Harris County, reaching the Westpark Tollway and Interstate 10. It then intersects US Route 290 in CyFair, joining it as they travel to the northwest, thus finishing a large routing around the southern and western portions of Houston. The route continues northwest with US 290 as a limited-access highway. At Hockley, the highway veers to the right, forking from an old alignment of the highway, and bypassing the cities of Waller and Hempstead to the north. At Hempstead, it splits from US 290 and turns northward into Grimes County, where it bypasses the city of Navasota, while Business SH 6 passes through town. The highway then turns northwest again, crossing into Brazos County. The highway starts another bypass here, going around the Bryan/College Station area to the northeast, while the business route goes through these cities. On the northeast side of Bryan, the highway meets US Route 190, and they travel together to the northwest out of the region. SH 6 splits with US 190 in the town of Hearne, but joins US Route 79 before that route splits to the northeast about a mile north of town. SH 6 then continues northwest, traveling through lesser populated farmlands, before approaching Waco. Before entering Waco, it turns southeast on State Loop 340, and bypasses Waco to the south. It reaches an intersection with Interstate 35, and then turns to the northwest again, crossing over Lake Waco. The highway continues northwest and west through more farmland regions in Central Texas, before reaching an intersection with Interstate 20 just south of Eastland. The route briefly turns west, traveling along the former route of US Route 80, before turning back to the northwest at Cisco. As it continues, it is briefly concurrent with US Routes 180 and 277 in northcentral Texas. Just northwest of Stamford, the highway makes its final turn to the north at an intersection with SH 283. The highway then travels through sparsely populated areas of Haskell, Knox, Foard, and Hardeman Counties before ending north of Quanah at the Red River, where it meets Oklahoma State Highway 6.

Major intersections

GalvestonLa Marque0.00.0 I-45 / SH 146 north Houston, Galveston, Texas CityI-45 exit 7B
Hitchcock4.97.9 FM 519 east La Marque
5.99.5 FM 2004 to I-45 Lake Jackson, Freeport
Santa Fe9.214.8 FM 646 south Lake Jackson, Freeportsouthern end of FM 646 concurrency
9.715.6 FM 646 north Dickinsonnorthern end of FM 646 concurrency
11.218.0 FM 1764 east Texas City
BrazoriaAlvin18.730.1 SH 35 Angleton, Houstoninterchange
19.631.5 Spur 273 north
Bus. SH 35 Angleton, Houston
Manvel27.043.5 FM 1128 north Pearland
29.848.0 SH 288 Angleton, Houstoninterchange
Fort BendArcola33.954.6 FM 521 (Mc Keever Road) Houston Southwest Airportinterchange
Missouri City37.059.5Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road northinterchange
41.666.9 FM 1092 north Stafford
Sugar Land45.773.5 I-69 / US 59 Victoria, HoustonI-69/US 59 exit 110; interchange
47.075.6University Boulevardinterchange
Alt. US 90
HarrisHouston54.387.4 Westpark Tollway / Alief Clodineinterchange
56.390.6 FM 1093 (Westheimer Road) Fulshear, Houston
59.796.1 I-10 (US 90) / Grisby Road / Park Row BoulevardI-10 exit 751
66.3106.7 FM 529 (Spencer Road)
69.1111.2Hempstead Highway / Jackrabbit Roadinterchange
69.6112.0 US 290 east / FM 1960 east Humble, Houstoninterchange; south end of US 290 overlap; no access to FM 1960
see US 290
US 290 west / Bus. US 290 east Brenham, Austin, Hempstead, Bellville
interchange; north end of US 290 overlap
Howth104.6168.3 FM 1736
107.4172.8 FM 2979 east to FM 362
Grimes112.3180.7 FM 2 Camp Allen, Luther Unit
114.1183.6 FM 1227 west Wallace Pack Unit
114.8184.8 FM 2988 east Whitehall
Bus. SH 6 north Navasota
interchange; no northbound entrance
Navasota119.4192.2 SH 105 east / Spur 515 Conroeinterchange
120.6194.1 SH 90 / SH 105 west Anderson, Brenhaminterchange
122.0196.3 FM 3090interchange
Bus. SH 6 south Navasota, truck route to SH 105 west
interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Brazos124.4200.2 FM 2154 Millicaninterchange; south end of freeway
128.6207.0Westward Ho
131.5211.6 FM 159 Millican
133.5214.8Texas World Speedway
College Station135.6218.2Nantucket Driveno direct northbound exit
136.1219.0 SH 40 (William D. Fitch Parkway)
137.4221.1Barron Road
138.8223.4 Rock Prairie RoadAccess to College Station Medical Center
139.7224.8 FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway) / Emerald Parkway
Bus. SH 6 north (Texas Avenue) / Deacon Drive Texas A&M University
142.0228.5Southwest Parkway / Raintree Drive
142.1228.7 SH 30 Huntsville
143.1230.3 FM 60 (University Drive) Texas A&M University
Bryan144.2232.1 FM 1179 (Briarcrest Drive)Access to St. Joseph Regional Health Center
145.7234.5 FM 158 (William J. Bryan Parkway / Boonville Road)
146.5235.8Old Reliance Road / MLK Jr. Street
147.9238.0 US 190 east / SH 21 Madisonville, Caldwell, AirportSouth end of US 190 concurrency
149.6240.8 FM 974 (Tabor Road)
150.5242.2Woodville Road
151.5243.8Department of Public Safetysouthbound exit only
Bus. SH 6 south Bryan
no northbound exit
153.0246.2 FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway)interchange; north end of freeway
county line
Benchley155.3249.9 SH OSR / Spur 231interchange
Robertson162.6261.7 FM 2549 north
Hearne167.9270.2 US 79 south / US 190 west / FM 391 east Milano, Wheelockinterchange; north end of US 190 overlap; south end of US 79 overlap
169.5272.8 FM 485 west Cameron, Hearne Municipal Airport
169.8273.3 US 79 north Franklin, Buffalo, Palestineinterchange; north end of US 79 overlap
Calvert176.5284.0 FM 1644 south (Texas Street)south end of FM 1644 overlap
176.6284.2 FM 1644 north (Hanna Street)north end of FM 1644 overlap
177.0284.9 FM 979 (Browning Street)
180.2290.0 FM 2159 north
186.7300.5 SH 14 north Bremond, Mexia
187.0300.9 FM 2159 east
188.6303.5 FM 1373 Bremond
Falls191.0307.4 FM 46 south Bremond
192.6310.0 FM 1373 south Rosebud
194.7313.3 FM 413 Reaganinterchange
Bus. SH 6 north Marlin
Marlin203.6327.7 SH 7interchange
204.9329.8 FM 147interchange
Bus. SH 6 south Marlin
209.3336.8 FM 2307 east St. Paul
Perry212.2341.5 FM 1240 east Otto
McLennanRiesel216.4348.3 FM 1860 Lake Creek, Mart
219.8353.7 SH 164 Mart, Groesbeckinterchange
221.8357.0 FM 3222 east (Hallsburg Road)
223.4359.5 FM 1860 south
Loop 340 north / Loop 484 north to Bus. US 77 Waco, Bellmead
interchange; south end of Loop 340 overlap
227.9366.8Frontage Roadinterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Waco228.2367.3 FM 434 (3rd Street) / FM 3400 (University Parks Drive)interchange
229.6369.512th Streetinterchange
Robinson231.7372.9 US 77 Cameron, Wacointerchange
232.9374.8 I-35 Dallas, Fort Worth, Austinsouth end of freeway; I-35 exit 330, access to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
Waco234.4377.2 FM 3476 (Bagby Avenue)no direct northbound exit (signed at I-35)
234.6377.6Beverly Driveno southbound exit
235.4378.8 FM 3223 (Imperial Drive)
236.0379.8 US 84 (Waco Drive) / Spur 298 (Franklin Avenue)North end of Loop 340 concurrency, access to Providence Medical Center
236.4380.4 Sanger AvenueAccess to Providence Medical Center
237.5382.2 Loop 396 (Bosque Boulevard)
238.3383.5Lake Waco, Midway Park
239.7385.8Lake Waco, Speegleville Park
241.5388.7Speegleville Road
243.2391.4 Spur 412 (McLaughlin Road)interchange; north end of freeway
244.9394.1 FM 185 Crawford, China Spring
BosqueValley Mills256.0412.0 SH 317 south (Seventh Street) Crawford, McGregor
256.2412.3 FM 56 north (Fourth Street) Laguna Park
256.8413.3 FM 217 west Gatesville
259.2417.1 FM 854 south
263.6424.2 FM 2602 south
Clifton267.5430.5 FM 219 (5th Street) Cranfills Gap, Airport
268.4431.9 FM 3220 south
271.3436.6 FM 2136 west
Meridian278.5448.2 SH 22 (West Morgan Street) Hamilton, Meridian, Glen Rose, Hillsboro, Cleburne
Iredell291.6469.3 FM 927 east Walnut Springs
292.1470.1 FM 1238 Cranfills Gap, Iredell
HamiltonHico301.0484.4 SH 220 north Glen Rose
301.3484.9 US 281 south (Walnut Street) HamiltonSouth end of US 281 concurrency
Erath305.8492.1 US 281 north StephenvilleNorth end of US 281 concurrency
Alexander313.4504.4 FM 914 Carlton, Stephenville
Dublin321.6517.6 FM 847 east (North Norton) Stephenville
321.7517.7 FM 219 south (Liberty) Carlton, AirportSouth end of FM 219 concurrency
Bus. US 67 / FM 219 north (Patrick Street)
North end of FM 219 concurrency
323.8521.1 US 67 / US 377 Comanche, StephenvilleInterchange
Comanche329.2529.8 FM 1496 south Comyn, Proctor
De Leon334.2537.8 SH 16 south (Texas Street) Comanche, Business DistrictSouth end of SH 16 concurrency
334.8538.8 SH 16 north Desdemona, StrawnNorth end of SH 16 concurrency
EastlandGorman344.3554.1 FM 2921 east
344.8554.9 FM 8 east Desdemonasouth end of FM 8 overlap
345.2555.5 FM 8 west Dusternorth end of FM 8 overlap
349.0561.7 FM 8 east
354.4570.4 Loop 389 west
Carbon355.4572.0 Loop 389 east / FM 2526 Carbon
Punkin Center358.6577.1 FM 2563 east
362.5583.4 I-20 Cisco, RangerI-20 exit 340
Eastland364.7586.9 SH 112 to I-20 Airport
365.5588.2 FM 3101 north
368.9593.7 Spur 490 south
US 183 Truck north (Avenue A)
south end of US 183 Truck overlap
374.4602.5 US 183 south / SH 206 south to I-20north end of US 183 Truck overlap; south end of US 183 overlap
374.6602.9 US 183 north BreckenridgeNorth end of US 183 concurrency
376.9606.6 FM 2807 west Lake Cisco, Airport
382.7615.9 FM 1853 north
Callahan389.9627.5 FM Spur 880 west to FM 880 Putnam
ShackelfordMoran392.7632.0 FM 2408 east
393.0632.5 FM 576 Eolian
Sedwick397.6639.9 FM 2312 south
406.7654.5 FM 601 east Eolian, Ibex
Albany408.2656.9 US 180 east / US 283 north / FM 1084 north Breckenridge, ThrockmortonSouth end of US 180 / US 283 concurrency
408.7657.7 US 283 south BairdNorth end of US 283 concurrency
415.8669.2 SH 351 Abileneinterchange
426.7686.7 US 180 west AnsonNorth end of US 180 concurrency
429.0690.4 FM 142 north
JonesLueders430.2692.3 FM 1597 west
FM 600 south NugentSouth end of FM 600 concurrency
Avoca FM 600 north / FM 1636 westNorth end of FM 600 concurrency
FM 704 south Airport
FM 2702 west Hamlin, truck route to SH 6 north / US 277
Stamford FM 142 east

Bus. US 277 south (McHarg) / FM 1226 south (Swenson) Anson, Funston
South end of US 277 Bus. concurrency; traffic circle around U.S. Post Office
Haskell US 277 Haskell, Ansoninterchange; north end of US 277 Bus. overlap; south end of SH 283 overlap
SH 283 north AspermontNorth end of SH 283 concurrency
FM 1661 south Sagerton
FM 1225 east
Rule US 380 (Fifth Street) Aspermont, Haskell
FM 2407 westsouth end of FM 2407 overlap
FM 2407 east Haskellnorth end of FM 2407 overlap
Rochester FM 617 Weinert
O'Brien FM 2229
KnoxKnox City SH 222 (Main Street)
FM 1292 west
FM 2534 east
Benjamin US 82 / SH 114 Guthrie, Seymour
FM 1756 east GillilandSouth end of FM 1756 concurrency
FM 1756 west Truscott, Truscott Brine LakeNorth end of FM 1756 concurrency
Foard FM 263 west
FM 1594 east
FM 2003 west
FM 98 east
Crowell US 70 Paducah, Vernon
FM 3103 east Margaret
Hardeman PR 62 west Copper Breaks State Park
FM 2568 Airport
Quanah FM 104 west Paducah
US 287 (11th Street) Childress, Vernon
Spur 133 west (3rd Street)south end of Spur 133 overlap
Spur 133 east (Nelson Street)north end of Spur 133 overlap
FM 2640 east
FM 2533 east
FM 1166 south
SH-6 north AltusOklahoma state line (Red River bridge)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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