Texas State Highway 114

State Highway 114 (or SH 114) is a state highway that runs from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex westward across Texas to the state border with New Mexico, where it becomes New Mexico State Road 114, which eventually ends at Elida, New Mexico at US 70 / NM 330.

State Highway 114
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length194.464 mi[1][lower-alpha 1] (312.959 km)
Existedby 1933–present
Major junctions
West end NM 114 at the New Mexico state line
  US 82 in Lubbock

US 84 in Lubbock
I-27 / US 87 in Lubbock
US 62 from Lubbock to Ralls
US 82 / US 183 / US 277 / US 283 in Seymour
US 281 in Jacksboro
US 380 from Jacksboro to Bridgeport
US 81 / US 287 in Rhome

I-35W in Fort Worth
East end SH 183 in Irving
CountiesCochran, Hockley, Lubbock, Crosby, Dickens, King, Knox, Baylor, Archer, Young, Jack, Wise, Denton, Tarrant, Dallas
Highway system
SH 113SH 115


The route was originally designated on April 14, 1926 as connector between Dallas and Rhome.[2] In June 1932, SH 114 extended to Bridgeport.[3] On February 12, 1935, an extension northward from Chico to Sunset was added.[4] On July 15, 1935, the section from Chico to Sunset was cancelled.[5] This section was restored on August 1, 1938.[6] On October 6, 1943, the section of SH 114 from US 77 in Dallas to US 67 was cancelled. On January 7, 1971, SH 114 was relocated in Bridgeport. This route remained little changed until November 3, 1972, when it was extended northward from Sunset to Bowie. Major rerouting was made on November 24, 1975, when the route was redirected west over U.S. Highway 380, U.S. Highway 281, former SH 199, and U.S. Highway 82 from Bridgeport to Lubbock, with the stretch from Bridgeport to Bowie renumbered as SH 101. On December 14, 1977, the route was extended to the New Mexico border, replacing SH 116. The connecting NM 116 was renumbered to NM 114.

On August 2, 1985, Delta Air Lines Flight 191 crossed this route shortly before crashing on approach to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. One of the aircraft's engines struck a car on the roadway, instantly killing its occupant; 136 people on the flight also died in the accident.

In 2010, work began on a 8.4 miles (13.5 km) stretch, dubbed the DFW Connector, between SH 121 and International Parkway. A quarter of the $1 billion project was funded by federal stimulus funds enacted under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[7] The project's aim was ease congestion at North Texas' worst traffic problem. The project called for as many as 24 lanes and 2 TEXpress lanes along a 4 miles (6.4 km) mile stretch between SH 26 and International Parkway.[7][8] The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) awarded the project in a joint venture led by Kiewit.[9] The SH 114 section of the DFW Connector was completed in 2014.[8]

Route description

Highway 114 starts at the New Mexico border about 17 miles west of Morton, Texas. The route passes through Whiteface, Levelland, and Smyer as Levelland Highway before joining 19th Street in Lubbock. SH 114 crosses over Loop 289 and while crossing over US 82 joins with US 62, forming the southern edge of the Texas Tech University campus. After crossing US 84, the highway veers northeast, joining US 82 before crossing over Loop 289 and leaving Lubbock as Idalou Road.

Past Lubbock, SH 114 passes through the rural towns of Idalou, Lorenzo, Ralls (where US 62 turns north), Crosbyton, Dickens, Guthrie, Benjamin, Vera, Red Springs, and Seymour, where US 82 splits north off of SH 114. From there, the highway passes through Megargal, Olney, Loving, and Jermyn before entering Jacksboro with US 281. In Jacksboro, SH 114 joins US 380 and US 281 splits off to the south as SH 114 continues east.

Past Jacksboro, SH 114 passes through Runaway Bay, Bridgeport, where SH 114 splits off of US 380, Paradise, Boyd, Aurora, Rhome, briefly running concurrent with US 81 and US 287 before entering Fort Worth and passing the Texas Motor Speedway and crossing I-35W.

In the DFW Metroplex, SH 114 goes through Roanoke, crossing US 377 and becoming a freeway, the Northwest Parkway. The highway passes through Westlake, Southlake, and Grapevine. There, SH 114 forms the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with SH 121. The highway becomes the John W. Carpenter Highway as it travels southeast to its eastern terminus at SH 183. A road was designated on February 21, 1938, from SH 114 to SH 121; either SH 114 Loop or SH 121 Loop.[10] This was renumbered as Loop 10 on September 26, 1939.

Business routes

SH 114 has four current business routes.

Levelland Business Loop

  • Business State Highway 114-B (formerly Loop 44) is a Business Loop that runs from SH 114 on the west side of Levelland (in west Texas) south along West Street, then east through the downtown area on Houston Street to an intersection with US 385 (College Street). The road turns left (north), concurrent with US 385, until intersecting once again at SH 114. The road was designated as Loop 44 on September 26, 1939 as a renumbering of SH 24 Spur, but was changed to Business SH 114-B on January 26, 1993 by district request, and is 1.594 miles (2.565 km) long.[11][12]

Rhome Business Spur

  • Business State Highway 114-J is a Business Spur that goes east into Rhome from the intersection of US 81/US 287 and SH 114 west. The route runs along Rhome Avenue to an intersection with Business US 81-E. It is part of a previous route of SH 114. The Business route was designated on May 31, 1972 as Texas State Highway Spur 440 (but signed as Business SH 114), but was changed to its current designation on June 21, 1990 and is 0.329 miles (0.529 km) long.[13][14] Note that an earlier Spur 440 was designated on October 3, 1966 as a spur of SH 34 in Ennis. This was cancelled on or before the day the later Spur 440 was designated.[15]

Roanoke Business Loop

  • Business State Highway 114-K is a business loop that runs through Roanoke. This route runs on Byron Nelson Boulevard, along a previous route of SH 114. The business route was created in 2001 when SH 114 was rerouted further north and east around town. The route is 1.787 miles (2.876 km) long.[16]

Grapevine Business Loop

  • Business State Highway 114-L (formerly Loop 382 as well as a previous routing of SH 114) is a business loop that runs through Grapevine. This route runs east on Northwest Highway to an intersection with Texan Trail, then turns right to go southbound there. The road continues until it reaches SH 114/SH 121. The portion of the business route along Texan Trail is concurrent with SH 26. The route was designate on April 18, 1963, as Texas State Highway Loop 382 (but signed as Business SH 114), until June 21, 1990, when the road's designation as Loop 382 was discontinued. The route is 2.074 miles (3.338 km) long.[17][18]

Former Business routes

There is one former Business Route along SH 114. Business State Highway 114-H was located in Bridgeport between June 21, 1990 and March 29, 2007 and was 1.3 miles (2.1 km) long. The route went east along Halsell Avenue from an intersection with SH 114, to an intersection with 13th Street, then turned right (south) until another intersection with SH 114. This route had been previously designated Loop 373 on November 1, 1962; since 2007, though, the portion along 13th was changed back to Loop 373.[19][20]

Major intersections

Cochran0.00.0 NM 114 west DoraNew Mexico state line
Griffith1.72.7 FM 595 Bledsoe
8.513.7 FM 596 north MapleSouth end of FM 596
Star Route10.617.1 FM 3304 southNorth end of FM 3304
Morton17.027.4 SH 214 (Main Street) Muleshoe, Plains
19.831.9 FM 2195 southNorth end of FM 2195
24.238.9 FM 1337 northSouth end of FM 1337
28.846.3 FM 1780 northWest end of overlap with FM 1780
28.946.5 FM 1780 south (North Taylor Street) to SH 125 Whiteface, Girlstown USAEast end of overlap with FM 1780
Hockley33.954.6 FM 303 north Pettit, PepWest end of overlap with FM 303
35.356.8 FM 303 south SundownEast end of overlap with FM 303
41.166.1 FM 1490 northSouth end of FM 1490
Bus. SH 114 east (West Avenue)
East end of Bus. SH 114-B
43.269.5 US 385 (College Avenue, Bus. SH 114) Littlefield, Brownfield, South Plains CollegeWest end of Bus. SH 114-B
45.873.7 FM 3261 south (H. Moreland Road)
49.078.9 FM 2646
Smyer54.487.5 FM 168 north AntonWest end of overlap with FM 168
55.088.5 FM 168 south RopesvilleEast end of overlap with FM 168
57.191.9 FM 2130 north RoundupSouth end of FM 2130
Lubbock59.896.2 FM 2378
Lubbock62.9101.2 Spur 309 north (Research Boulevard)Formerly Quitsna Avenue, south end of Spur 309
63.9102.8 FM 179 (Inler Avenue) Shallowater, Wolfforth
67.6108.8 Loop 289interchange
70.2113.0 US 62 west / US 82interchange; no direct access from SH 114 east to US 62 west / US 82 west, US 62 east / US 82 east to SH 114 west, or US 82 west to SH 114 east; west end of US 62 overlap
72.8117.2 US 84 (Avenue Q)
73.6118.4 I-27 / US 87I-27 exit 3
73.8118.8Avenue Aformer Bus. US 87
76.3122.8 FM 40 east (East 4th Street)West end of FM 40
76.9123.8 US 82 west (Parkway Drive)interchange; no eastbound exit; west end of US 82 overlap
see US 82
US 82 east / Bus. US 183 north / Bus. US 277 north / Bus. US 283 north (Main Street) / FM 422 east Vernon, Wichita Falls, Archer City
east end of US 82 overlap; west end of US 183 Bus. / US 277 Bus. / US 283 Bus. overlap
Bus. US 183 south / Bus. US 277 south / Bus. US 283 south (South Main Street) Throckmorton, Abilene
east end of US 183 Bus. / US 277 Bus. / US 283 Bus. overlap
231.8373.0 US 183 / US 277 / US 283 Wichita Falls, AbileneInterchange
232.1373.5 FM 1286 south
235.6379.2 FM 2180 east
240.3386.7 FM 1790 north Vernon
242.2389.8 FM 1285 south
Archer251.8405.2 FM 1285 west
Megargel253.2407.5 FM 210 north Archer CityWest end of overlap with FM 210
253.3407.6 FM 210 south (1st Street)East end of overlap with FM 210
Young263.3423.7 FM 2178 north – Lake Cooper, Archer City, NAVSPASUR StationWest end of overlap with FM 2178
263.6424.2 FM 2178 southEast end of overlap with FM 2178
Olney264.3425.3 Loop 132 (Avenue M)
265.1426.6 SH 79 Archer City, Throckmorton
Jean274.9442.4 FM 1769 Markley, Graham
278.6448.4 FM 2652
Loving282.2454.2 SH 16 Wichita Falls, Graham
Jack287.7463.0 FM 2950 north
Jermyn289.4465.7 FM 1191 south BrysonWest end of overlap with FM 1191
289.7466.2 FM 1191 north AntelopeEast end of overlap with FM 1191
295.8476.0 US 281 north Windthorst, Wichita FallsWest end of overlap with US 281
Jacksboro302.4486.7 SH 148 north HenriettaSouth end of SH 148
FM 3344 north (Post Oak Road)
303.2488.0 US 380 west / SH 59 north (Belknap Street)West end of overlap with US 380 / SH 199
304.0489.2 PR 61 Fort Richardson State ParkEast end of Park Road 61
305.7492.0 US 281 south / SH 199 east Mineral Wells, Fort WorthEast end of overlap with US 281 / SH 199
312.3502.6 FM 1156 north Wizard Wells
Vineyard316.3509.0 FM 1156 Wizard Wells, Joplin
WiseBridgeport325.7524.2 FM 1658 north
328.6528.8 FM 1658 Bridgeport
329.4530.1 US 380 east / SH 101 north DecaturEast end of overlap with US 380, south end of SH 101
FM 1658 west
329.8530.8 FM 920 south
330.4531.7 Loop 373 (13th Street)
331.1532.9 FM 2123 south
Paradise336.0540.7 Loop 444 / FM 3259 east
336.8542.0 Loop 444
339.5546.4 FM 51 north DecaturWest end of overlap with FM 51
340.8548.5 FM 51 south SpringtownEast end of overlap with FM 51; interchange
Boyd346.0556.8 FM 730 south (South Allen Street) AzleWest end of overlap with FM 730
346.5557.6 FM 730 north DecaturEast end of overlap with FM 730
Aurora348.9561.5 FM 718 south Newark
US 81 north / US 287 north / Bus. SH 114 east Decatur
Interchange, west end of overlap with US 81 / US 287, west end of Bus. Route 114
Bus. US 81 north / Bus. US 287 north / Bus. SH 114 west / FM 3433 Rhome
352.6567.5 US 81 south / US 287 south Fort WorthInterchange, east end of overlap with US 81 / US 287
Denton362.2582.9 FM 156 Justin, Fort WorthInterchange
Fort WorthDouble Eagle Boulevardinterchange
Fort WorthNorthlake line364.3586.3 I-35W Denton, Fort WorthI-35W exit 70
Bus. SH 114 east (Byron Nelson Boulevard)
367.5591.4 US 377
Bus. SH 114 west Roanoke
interchange; west end of freeway
Westlake368.6593.2 SH 170 westinterchange
Trophy Lake Driveno direct eastbound exit (access is at SH 170)
Trophy Club Drive / Westlake Parkway
370.6596.4 FM 1938 (Davis Boulevard)
TarrantWestlakeSouthlake line371.6598.0Solana Boulevard / Kirkwood Boulevard
Southlake372.5599.5Dove Road
373.3600.8White Chapel Boulevardno direct eastbound exit (signed at Dove Road)
374.5602.7Carroll Avenue
375.7604.6Kimball Avenue
Bus. SH 114 east (Northwest Highway) / FM 1709 (East Southlake Boulevard)
Access to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine
Grapevine SH 114 Toll easteastbound exit and westbound entrance
377.3607.2 SH 26 south / Ira E. Woods / Main StreetWest end of overlap with SH 26
377.6607.7William D. Tate Avenue
377.4607.4 SH 121 south to SH 360 south Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand PrairieWest end of overlap with SH 121
377.8608.0Main Street – Grapevine Historic Districtno direct eastbound exit (signed at William D. Tate Avenue)
SH 26 north / Bus. SH 114 west (Texan Trail)
East end of overlap with SH 26
379.3610.4 SH 121 north / I-635 eastEast end of overlap with SH 121; no access from SH 114 west to I-635 east
379.8611.2DFW Airport (International Parkway)
SH 114 Toll westwestbound exit and eastbound entrance
DallasIrving381.5614.0Freeport Parkway
381.6614.1Esters Boulevard
381.7614.3Belt Line Road
384.6619.0 Pres. George Bush Turnpike
385.3620.1 MacArthur BoulevardAccess to Las Colinas Medical Center
385.8620.9Walnut Hill Lane / Hidden Ridge Drive
387.3623.3 Spur 348 (Northwest Highway) / Hidden Ridge Drive Irving Convention Center
387.5623.6O'Connor Road / Wingren Road
388.3624.9Riverside Drive / Rochelle Boulevard / Wingren Road / Cistercian Road
389.0626.0 Loop 12 / Tom Braniff Drive / Cistercian Road
391.0629.3 SH 183 / Spur 482 (Storey Lane) Dallas, Fort Worth
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


  1. The certified mileage given is shorter than the actual mileage as TxDOT considers SH 114 to be discontinuous at rather than concurrent with US 62, US 82, US 281, US 380, and US 81/US 287.


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