Tetrahedron Computer Methodology

The Tetrahedron Computer Methodology was a short lived journal that was published by Pergamon Press[1] (now Elsevier) to experiment with electronic submission of articles in the ChemText format,[2] and the sharing source code to enable reproducibility.[3][4][5] It was the first chemical journal to be published electronically,[6] with issues distributed in print and on floppy disks.[7] It is likely it was also the first journal to accept submissions in a non-paper format (on floppy disks).[1] The journal ceased publication owing to technical and non-technical reasons, and may have lacked sufficient institutional support.[8] The last issue appeared in 1992 but was dated 1990.[9]

Tetrahedron Computer Methodology
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ISO 4Tetrahedron Comput. Methodol.
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