Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters is the debut album by American rap group Thirsty Fish, released March 5, 2007 on Bell Rang Records in affiliation with Project Blowed.

Testing the Waters
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 5, 2007 (2007-03-05)
GenreAlternative hip hop
LabelProject Blowed
Bell Rang
ProducerOpen Mike Eagle, No Bliss, Maestroe, Elum, Kenny Segal, Soulspeak, Nick Sena, Mike Gao, Alkalyne, 60 Cycle Hum
Thirsty Fish chronology
Testing the Waters


The water-themed album comes after Thirsty Fish member Dumbfoundead released a previous concept album in 2005, the video game themed Super Barrio Bros EP which features Psychosiz of Thirsty Fish on the track "Three Pipes Down" and Thirsty Fish's Open Mike Eagle on the track "Bosses" (alongside Alpha MC). All three members of the group appear on that album's bonus track "Shit Talkers".[1]


Generally regarded as a solid debut[2] with average to above average ratings from consumers[3] and above average to exceptional ratings from reviewers,[4] Thirsty Fish have since been signed to Mush Records to produce a second album, Watergate.[5] In spite of this, however, a recurring criticism is the group's overuse of the water theme.[6]

Track listing

1."Fintro"Open Mike Eagle1:02
2."Third Shift"No Bliss2:04
3."The Thirst"Maestroe3:58
5."Oil Spill"Elum3:47
6."Fall Apart" (featuring Aceyalone)Kenny Segal4:35
7."High Tide"Soulspeak3:12
8."One Sip" (skit)Open Mike Eagle1:40
9."Fish Ain't Biting" (featuring Abstract Rude)Nick Sena3:34
10."River Styx"Mike Gao3:26
11."Pirahnas" (featuring Rogue-Venom, Lyraflip, and Sahtyre)Maestroe4:49
12."Fat Kid"Alkalyne3:01
13."Get Wet"Maestroe4:03
14."Troutro"Open Mike Eagle1:49
15."Snuggleberry Bushes" (bonus track)60 Cycle Hum5:08


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