Testimony (1920 film)

Testimony is a 1920 British silent drama film directed by Guy Newall and starring Ivy Duke, David Hawthorne and Mary Rorke. It was based on the novel of the same title by Alice and Claude Askew.

Directed byGuy Newall
Produced byGeorge Clark
Written byAlice Askew (novel)
Claude Askew (novel)
Guy Newall
StarringIvy Duke
David Hawthorne
Mary Rorke
Lawford Davidson
CinematographyBert Ford
Distributed byStoll Pictures
Release date
October 1920
Running time
7,189 feet[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


As summarized in a film publication,[2] a farmer, Gilian Lyons (Hawthorne), lives with his mother Rachel Lyons (Rorke), who is tyrannical in her devotion to her son. Gilian braves his mother s anger and marries Althea May (Duke), who moves in with them. Rachel, who had been training Lucinda (Everest) for eventual marriage to her son, vents her spleen against Althea. Gilian and Althea have a daughter who dies, and Rachel says this was because Althea did not take care of her. Althea leaves, lives with an uncle, and enters society, but she later decides to return home, as she still loves Gilian. However, Gilian has left the farm in search of her. After she becomes ill, Rachel takes care of Althea, and their relationship improves. Eventually Gilian returns home to find his wife waiting for him.



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