Terry Newman

Terry Newman is an award-winning British playwright,[1] screenwriter, comedy writer, librettist, New Media writer and novelist.

Newman's stage work includes The Life and Times of a Wonder Woman, Dulcas's Women, Burke and Hare, What Do You Do The Night After You've Saved The Universe?, Being Dennis Potter and Adam and Eve… and Eric. He was awarded The Fringe Report Best Drama Writer Award in 2004 for Dulcas’s Women. Both Burke and Hare and Adam and Eve… and Eric have been produced in audio version.[2][2]

Newman has also written material for a number of British comedians including Rory Bremner, Roy Hudd and Alistair McGowan.[3] He is noted for his work in political satire; writing for radio and television productions which have included Rory Bremner, Who Else?, Bremner, Bird and Fortune, Dead Ringers and The Way It Is.[4]

In May 2011 his work Lucifer: My Part In The New Labour Project (And How I Invented Coalition Government) was previewed at London's Canal Cafe Theatre, with comedian Matt Roper playing the Devil,[5] before opening at the Brighton Festival.

In 2011 his television family comedy series Twinkle Twinkle Star was broadcast on STAR TV[6].

He co-created and wrote for Hooray for Holyrood! (Radeas Productions) taking a comedic look at Scotland’s ‘road to independence’ will was piloted on BBC Radio Scotland in the autumn of 2012.

In 2013 he co-wrote the musical Mile High which was staged at The Lost Theatre, London.

His first novel, A Dead Elf, a comedy detective fantasy featuring Master Detective Nicely Strongoak, was published in December 2014 by HarperVoyager.


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