Terrebonne (provincial electoral district)

Terrebonne is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. It consists of most but not all of the city of Terrebonne.

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
Pierre Fitzgibbon
Coalition Avenir Québec
District created1867
First contested1867
Last contested2018
Population (2011)72,295
Electors (2012)[1]53,897
Area (km²)[2]88.7
Pop. density (per km²)815.1
Census divisionsLes Moulins (part)
Census subdivisionsTerrebonne (part)

It was created for the 1867 election (and an electoral district of that name existed earlier in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada and the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada).

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it lost part of the city of Terrebonne to the L'Assomption electoral district.

Members of the Legislative Assembly / National Assembly

Legislature Years Member Party
1st  1867–1871     Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau Conservative
2nd  1871–1875
3rd  1875–1878
4th  1878–1881
5th  1881–1882
 1882–1886 Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel
6th  1886–1890
7th  1890–1892
8th  1892–1897
9th  1897–1900
10th  1900–1904     Jean Prévost Liberal
11th  1904–1908
12th  1908–1912
13th  1912–1916
14th  1916–1919 Athanase David
15th  1919–1923
16th  1923–1927
17th  1927–1931
18th  1931–1935
19th  1935–1936
20th  1936–1939     Hermann Barrette Union Nationale
21st  1939–1940     Athanase David Liberal
 1940–1944 Hector-Joseph-Damase Perrier
22nd  1944–1948     Joseph-Léonard Blanchard Union Nationale
23rd  1948–1952
24th  1952–1956
25th  1956–1960
26th  1960–1962     Lionel Bertrand Liberal
27th  1962–1964
 1965–1966 Denis Hardy
28th  1966–1970     Hubert Murray Union Nationale
29th  1970–1973     Denis Hardy Liberal
30th  1973–1976
31st  1976–1981     Élie Fallu Parti Québécois
32nd  1981–1985 Yves Blais
33rd  1985–1989
34th  1989–1994 Jocelyne Caron
35th  1994–1998
36th  1998–2003
37th  2003–2007
38th  2007–2008     Jean-François Therrien Action démocratique
39th  2008–2012     Mathieu Traversy Parti Québécois
40th  2012–2014
41st  2014–2018
42nd  2018–Present     Pierre Fitzgibbon Coalition Avenir Québec

Election results

2018 Quebec general election
The 2018 general election will be held on October 1.
Party Candidate Votes%±%
GreenCarole Dubois
Coalition Avenir QuébecPierre Fitzgibbon
Québec solidaireAnne B-Godbout
Citoyens au pouvoirMathieu Goyette
ConservativeJules Néron
LiberalMargaux Selam
Parti QuébécoisMathieu Traversy
Total valid votes 100.0  
Total rejected ballots
Eligible voters
2014 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMathieu Traversy14,45036.22-8.31
Coalition Avenir QuébecJean-François Jarry13,70734.36-1.66
LiberalMeriem Glia8,78022.01+8.83
Québec solidaireYan Smith2,5436.37+3.15
Option nationaleJean-François Jacob4111.03-0.16
Total valid votes 39,89197.97
Total rejected ballots 8262.03
Turnout 40,71774.20-6.01
Electors on the lists 54,874
2012 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMathieu Traversy19,07744.53-0.69
Coalition Avenir QuébecGaétan Barrette15,42936.02+14.45*
LiberalJosée Gingras5,64613.18-14.33
Québec solidaireYan Smith1,3803.22+0.61
GreenBenoit Carignan6351.48-1.61
Option nationaleMarc-André Dénommée5101.19
Coalition pour la constituantePatrick Dubé1600.37
Total valid votes 42,83798.72
Total rejected ballots 5541.28
Turnout 43,39180.21+19.74
Electors on the lists 54,100

* Result compared to Action démocratique

2008 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisMathieu Traversy15,47545.22+8.91
LiberalChantal Leblanc9,41427.51+11.41
Action démocratiqueJean-François Therrien7,38121.57-19.69
GreenYoland Gilbert1,0563.09-0.52
Québec solidaireSabrina Perreault8922.61-0.11
Total valid votes 34,21898.05
Total rejected ballots 6801.95
Turnout 34,89860.47-16.04
Electors on the lists 57,710
2007 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Action démocratiqueJean-François Therrien17,22441.26+23.10
Parti QuébécoisJocelyne Caron15,16036.31-12.38
LiberalChantal Leblanc6,72016.10-15.81
GreenPierre-Charles De Guise1,5083.61
Québec solidaireJean Baril1,1362.72+1.48*
Total valid votes 41,74898.74
Total rejected ballots 5311.26
Turnout 42,27976.51+3.20
Electors on the lists 55,256

* Result compared to UFP

1985 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisYves Blais18,55556.67
LiberalJocelyn Poirier12,87739.33
  New Democratic Johanne Morin 810 2.47
United Social CreditJean Louis Poirier4281.31
     Christian Socialist Alain Michaud 74 0.23
Total valid votes 32,744 100.00
Rejected and declined votes 649
Turnout 33,393 75.37
Electors on the lists 44,308
1981 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisYves Blais19,34463.25
LiberalJean-Yves Chartrand10,36333.88
Union NationaleGabriel Desjardins8782.87
Total valid votes 30,585 100.00
Rejected and declined votes 322
Turnout 30,907 84.00
Electors on the lists 36,794


Election results

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