Terminus Le Carrefour

Terminus Le Carrefour, an EXO bus terminus across boulevard Le Carrefour from the Carrefour Laval at the corner of Terry Fox Avenue. It is located one block west of Autoroute 15. A Radisson Hotel is located between Terry Fox Avenue and the Autoroute, a Hilton Hotel and a Sheraton Hotel are nearby.

Terminus Le Carrefour
Location3000, boul. Le Carrefour, Laval,[1] Quebec
Operated byRéseau de transport métropolitain
Bus operators
Parking226 park and ride spaces[1]
Bicycle facilities63 places[1]
Other information
Fare zone3
Passengers (2016[2])401,500 (Exo)

226 park and ride spaces are available south of the terminus.[1]

Connecting bus routes

STL routes
No. Route Description
39 Auteuil - Terminus Le Carrefour, via Metro Montmorency
42 Saint-François - Terminus Le Carrefour, via Metro Montmorency
and Metro De La Concorde
50 Saint-Vincent-de-Paul - Terminus Le Carrefour
56 Sainte-Dorothée - Metro Montmorency
60 Chomedey - Métro Cartier
61 Sainte-Rose - Metro Montmorency
63 Gare Ste-Rose - Métro Cartier via Metro Montmorency
66 Sainte-Rose - Terminus Le Carrefour
70 Montmorency station - Métro Cartier
902 Le Carrefour, to/from Terminus Le Carrefour at
Le Carrefour Laval and Terminus Côte-Vertu at the Côte-Vertu Metro station
903 Gare Sainte Dorothée - Metro Montmorency
Exo Laurentides sector
Route No. Main Destination
8 Express Terminus Saint-Eustache in Saint-Eustache

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