Terminus Brossard-Panama

Terminus Brossard-Panama is an Exo public transit (Exo) bus terminus in Brossard, Quebec, Canada. It is served by buses of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil as well as by routes of the RTM's Le Richelain and Roussillon. Inaugurated in the fall of 1991, it is located at the intersection of Panama Street and Taschereau Boulevard. It is adjacent to both Autoroute 10 and Mail Champlain.

Terminus Brossard-Panama
Location1895 Panama Avenue, Brossard, QC
Coordinates45°28′03″N 73°28′07″W
Bus operators
Parking962 places[1]
Bicycle facilities144 place bicycle rack[1]
Other information
Fare zone3
WebsiteTerminus Brossard-Panama (RTM)
Passengers (2016[2])2,249,700 (Exo)

In 2006, a busway (bus lane) was constructed between the terminus and the Taschereau Interchange of Autoroute 10.

Starting September 2018, Terminus Brossard-Panama will be progressively demolished to make way for the Panama station of the Réseau express métropolitain rapid transit network. The future bus terminal will be integrated within the station[3].

Connecting bus routes

Réseau de transport de Longueuil bus routes

Réseau de transport de Longueuil
No. Route Name
5 Maisonneuve, Montée Saint-Hubert,
6 Victoria, Terminus Longueuil
13 Riverside, Terminus Longueuil
15 Churchill, Terminus Longueuil,
30 sectors P-V of Brossard, Terminus Centre-Ville
31 sectors S-T of Brossard, Terminus Centre-Ville
32 Mountainview, sector B of Brossard,
35 sector L of Brossard, Dix30,
41/43 Rome, Milan
42 Gaétan-Boucher, Cité-Soleil,
44 sectors M-N-O of Brossard,
45 Express Terminus Centre-Ville
46 sectors R-S-T of Brossard, Terminus Centre-Ville (rush hours line)
47 sectors R-S of Brossard,
49 sectors R-S-T of Brossard,
50 Prince-Charles, Orchard,
54 Taschereau, Terminus Longueuil
77/177 Taschereau, Matte, Sainte-Foy
115 Churchill, Terminus Centre-Ville
132 Westley, Cité-Soleil,
142 Gaétan-Boucher, Terminus Centre-Ville
150 Orchard, Terminus Centre-Ville

Réseau de transport métropolitain

Réseau de transport métropolitain
No. Route Name
90 Express Chevrier, connects Terminus Centre-Ville with Chevrier Park-n-Ride (Operated by the RTL on behalf of the RTM)

Inter municipal buses

RTM Roussillon (CITROUS)

Exo Roussillon sector
No. Route Name
100P Terminus Centre-Ville / Georges Gagné[4]
(via Terminus Panama)
115P Terminus Centre-Ville / Georges Gagné[4]
(via Terminus Panama, Principale Nord, Marie-Victorin, des Cascades, des Écluses)
130 Terminus Centre Ville / Georges Gagné (via Terminus Panama, Taschereau Blvd,
CLSC Kateri, Principale Nord)

Other inter municipal buses

Other inter municipal buses
No. Name of agency Main Destination
36 Exo Le Richelain sector (CITLR) [5]
Candiac, La Prairie
401 Exo Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan sector (CITCRC)

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