Tere Mere Sapne (TV series)

Tere Mere Sapne[1][2](Hindi: तेरे मेरे सपने) is an Indian television series that was broadcast on STAR Plus [3][4] from 4 November 2009, to 16 December 2011.[5] The show was produced by Sphere Origins.[6] It premiered during prime time, but was later shifted to afternoon slot due to low ratings.[7][8]

Tere Mere Sapne
तेरे मेरे सपने
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Created bySphere Origins
Directed byRanjan Kumar Singh & Chetan Sharma
StarringSee Below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes559 Total
Producer(s)Sunjoy Waddhwa & Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Sphere Origins
Original networkSTAR Plus
Picture format576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Original release2 November 2009 
16 December 2011
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Just after the show ended STAR Plus decided to end all the other shows in the afternoon slots.


The show is the tale of Sarju (Yash Pandit) who was married to Radha (Ekta Tiwari) in his childhood. He loves his family and Radha immensely but when his friend Kalua (Shashi Ranjan) gets framed in a case in Mumbai, he goes to help him where he meets Kamya (Parul Chowdhury), who is a widow. She runs a magazine and hires Sarju for the same on the condition that he can't leave Mumbai and can't get married. Sarju lies that he is unmarried and Kamya frees Kalua who used to work in her office. Kalua warns Sarju about Kamya not being a nice person but Sarju sticks to his decision to work with her. Kalua informs Radha about it in the village and she runs away from home to go after her husband. Sarju tells Radha everything and asks her to hide their marriage. Radha agrees and tells the family that she has come to look for her husband. The family hires her as a maid. Slowly the truth of Radha being Sarju's wife gets exposed. In the meantime, Kamya has turned obsessive towards Sarju and tries everything to get close to him after she gets to know that Radha is his wife. Kamya's brother-in-law too enters the show midway and hates Sarju but later leaves. Driven by mad obsession, Kamya develops homicidal tendencies and kills Radha. But Radha is saved and returns as Sonia pretending to be a Radha look-alike. Kamya's truth is revealed with the help of Kamya's mother-in-law who doesn't like her. Kamya then frames Sarju of raping her. Radha succeeds in finding a good lawyer (Puneet Vashisht) and wins the case. Kamya is sentenced to six years imprisonment and also has to pay 1 crore rupees to Radha and Sarju who return to their village.[9]

In the village, Laachi (Sarju's sister-in-law, played by Payal Singh) is taunted by her mother-in-law Ramdei (Roshan Khan) for not giving an heir to the family. She gets her son, Kesoo (Chandresh Singh) married for the second time to a girl, Kalki (Neha Gossain) who is already in love with someone else and is pregnant with his child. No one is aware of this. Lots of things happen and Kalki, after giving birth to her child, runs away with the family's jewellery and money. The fact that Kesoo is impotent then comes to light and Kesoo decides to seek medical help but Ramdei is afraid that this news would spread in the village and bring shame to the family name. Kesoo goes ahead, anyway, even though they now have Kalki's child to use as cover. Sarju's aunt (chachi), with her daughter-in-law and son (Mrs. Hiraman, Phoolmani and Vishnu respectively) are also creating havoc in their lives. A girl named Rani (Paridhi Sharma) who disguises herself as Meera (actually Vishnu's lover) enters the family's household and pursues Sarju. Ramdei is taken in with Meera and starts hating Radha as she feels Radha is the reason Kesoo went against her. Rani's truth is revealed and now Kalki returns. Sarju's cousin, Vishnu, mends his ways. Kalki sends Kesoo to jail by lying that his family and he tortured her for dowry. She behaves badly with everyone is the family. Ramdei slowly realizes how ideal her daughters-in-law - Radha and Laachi are.

Because everyone dislikes Kalki, they attempt to arrange for 8 lakh rupees to get her out of the house. However, they are unable to arrange the money and now everyone goes with Radha's plan to mortgage the house. Sarju and Radha talk and they get the divorce papers and affidavit to finalize the divorce of Kesoo & Kalki. Later on, they call Kalki and show her the money. Radha forces Kalki to sign the divorce papers, but Kalki rips the affidavit apart. Everyone is shocked. But the family has a second bag containing another set of 8 lakhs and the divorce papers and the affidavit. Kalki is "defeated", however, she wants to steal the baby so she persuades the family to let her stay the night and leave early morning. Laachi disapproves and insults her. Kalki gets tortured again by the family. Kalki successfully persuades Radha. At night, Kalki steals the baby from Laachi's room and Laachi wakes up shocked. Kesoo reassures her that it was just a dream and they go to sleep. The next morning, Kalki is out of sight and the baby is gone. Laachi is shocked and frantically searches for the baby. She fails and goes mad, then holds Radha responsible. Laachi then insults God, and tries to commit suicide by injecting herself with poison from a poisonous cactus plant. Luckily, she is saved, but has an illusion which she thinks is true. She sees the baby in her illusion but everyone else tells her there is no baby, and she goes mad again.

Sarju, Radha, and the others try to comfort Kesoo who feels responsible. Laachi loses her mental balance and is on medication. Mrs. Hiraman makes the situation worse by shouting at Laachi. Laachi is discharged from the hospital and everyone tells her that the baby is back. However, it's just a doll that Sarju bought from the shop. Laachi thinks it's her baby and treats it accordingly. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hiraman and Phoolmani resume their tricks. At night, Mrs. Hiraman steals Sarju's phone and calls her son, Gopal. Radha goes searching for his phone but then Vishnu takes it off them and saves them, though he is annoyed with their behaviour. Radha retrieves the phone from the living room. Sarju is suspicious when he sees the name Gopal on his contact list. Radha then knows that it was Mrs. Hiraman and Phoolmani. The next morning, Kesoo tells Radha that there is no cure for Laachi. He tells Radha to expose the truth. Phoolmani goes into Laachi's room and tells her that her so-called "baby" is a lifeless doll. Laachi takes it seriously and tells Phoolmani that she will kill her if she says one more thing about her "baby." Phoolmani is scared. Then Laachi gets better and gets pregnant and Kamya comes back for revenge on Radha so she can get her love back. So she makes lots of plans to make Radha get into lots of trouble. Then Radha goes to jail for killing Gurumata (Kamya) so then Sarju gets her out; then Gurumata throws her out but then she stays and exposes Kamya. Ramdei throws Kamya out of the house. Another news that Radha is Pregnant and Mrs. Hiraman and Phoolmani apologies to Radha.


CharacterPlayed by
Radha (Main lead)Ekta Tiwari
Sarju (Main Lead)Saurabh Pandey / Yash Pandit[10]
Kamya Oberoi (Main Lead)Parul Chaudhary
Manager Sharhaan Singh
MaajiSulakshana Khatri
ShambhuGnyan Prakaash
KesooChandresh Singh
Jamuna Anima Pagare
LaachiPayal Singh
EashwarAmitkumar Sharma
Meera/RaniParidhi Sharma
KalkiNeha Gosain
Hiraman ChachaRam Awana
AkshayKartik Sabharwal
Meethi Jalina Thakur
Mukta Surekha Sikri
LakhaRam Mehar Jangra

Broadcast time

Tere Mere Sapne was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 1:00pm in India

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