Tenth Menzies Ministry

The Tenth Menzies Ministry (LiberalCountry Coalition) was the 41st ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 12th Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies. The Tenth Menzies Ministry succeeded the Ninth Menzies Ministry, which dissolved on 18 December 1963 following the federal election that took place in November. The ministry was replaced by the First Holt Ministry on 26 January 1966 following the retirement of Menzies.[1]

Tenth Menzies Ministry

41st Ministry of Australia
A cabinet meeting of the Tenth Menzies Ministry held on 6 December 1965.
Date formed18 December 1963
Date dissolved26 January 1966
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralViscount De L'Isle
Lord Casey
Prime MinisterSir Robert Menzies
No. of ministers29
Member partyLiberalCountry coalition
Status in legislatureCoalition majority government
Opposition partyLabor
Opposition leaderArthur Calwell
Legislature term(s)25th
PredecessorNinth Menzies Ministry
SuccessorFirst Holt Ministry


Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Liberal Rt Hon Sir Robert Menzies KT CH QC MP
Country Rt Hon John McEwen MP
Liberal Rt Hon Harold Holt MP
Liberal Hon Senator Sir William Spooner
Liberal Hon Paul Hasluck MP
Liberal Hon William McMahon MP
Liberal Rt Hon Sir Garfield Barwick QC MP
Country Hon Charles Adermann MP
Liberal Hon Senator Sir Shane Paltridge
Country Hon Senator Harrie Wade
Liberal Hon Allen Fairhall MP
Liberal Hon Senator Denham Henty
Liberal Hon Alan Hulme MP (in Cabinet from 13 June 1964)
Liberal Hon David Fairbairn MP (in Cabinet from 13 June 1964)
Country Hon Charles Barnes MP (in Cabinet from 13 August 1965)

Junior ministry

Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Country Hon Hugh Roberton MP
Liberal Hon Gordon Freeth MP
Liberal Hon Senator John Gorton
Liberal Hon Hubert Opperman OBE MP
Liberal Hon Reginald Swartz MBE MP
Liberal Hon Les Bury MP
Liberal Hon Dr James Forbes MP
Country Hon Doug Anthony MP (in Ministry from 4 March 1964)
Liberal Hon Fred Chaney MP (in Ministry from 4 March 1964)
Liberal Hon Billy Snedden QC MP (in Ministry from 4 March 1964)
Liberal Hon Senator Ken Anderson (in Ministry from 10 June 1964)
Liberal Hon Peter Howson MP (in Ministry from 10 June 1964)
Country Hon Senator Colin McKellar (in Ministry from 22 December 1964)
Country Hon Ian Sinclair MP (in Ministry from 22 February 1965)


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