Tentacolino (Italian: Alla ricerca del Titanic), also known as In Search of the Titanic, is a 2004 North Korean-Italian animated film. It is a sequel to the 1999 Italian animated film The Legend of the Titanic directed by Kim Jun-ok.

Directed byKim Jun-ok
Produced byOrlando Corradi
Written byClelia Castaldo
Orlando Corradi
Loris Peota
StarringJane Alexander
Anna Mazzotti
Francis Pardeilhan
Gregory Snegoff
Music byGianni Sposito
Edited byDavid Pollini
Distributed byMondo Cinema
Release date
  • June 17, 2004 (2004-06-17)
Running time
88 minutes
CountryNorth Korea


Inside a bathysphere, Don Juan, Elizabeth, and their dog Smile (as well as mice Top Connors and Ronnie), have begun exploring the ocean's depths in search of the sunken wreck of the Titanic. A shark named Ice Teeth cuts the cable of the bathysphere and sinks it. The occupants awake and find themselves in the lost city of Atlantis.

The expedition members undergo a procedure which enables them to breathe underwater. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Top Connors are approached by other mice and attend a secret meeting where they learn about a plot to steal the elixir of life. Ronnie and Top Connors alert Don Juan and Smile to the plot. The king of Atlantis decides to substitute the elixir with ordinary water.

The mice steal the fake elixir and present it to their leader. After drinking it, the leader is tied to heavy stones and dropped into a deep pit filled with water which almost drowns him. Infuriated, he demands the other mice be committed to a mental hospital and be imprisoned forever.

As a reward for their honesty, the king of Atlantis assists in Titanic's recovery, enlisting the assistance of Tentacles, the giant, friendly octopus. The king then transports Titanic to the bay of a secret island.


Original Italian cast

  • Rodolfo Bianchi – King
  • Fabio Boccanera – Don Juan
  • Paolo Buglioni – Ice
  • Stefano Crescentini – Top Connors
  • Oliviero Dinelli – Tentacolino
  • Luigi Ferraro – Mouse Pirate
  • Christian Iansante – Baron von Tilt
  • Beatrice Margiotti – Queen of Atlantis / Sea Amazon #2
  • Stefano Mondini – Smile
  • Fabrizio Vidale – Cutter
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