Tennis at the 2001 Summer Universiade

Tennis events at the 2001 Summer Universiade were held at the Muxiyuan Tennis Center in Beijing, China.

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles  Lee Seung-hoon (KOR)  Philipp Mukhmetov (RUS)  Matthieu Amgwerd (SUI)
 Lu Yen-hsun (TPE)
Men's Doubles  Juan Carlos Arredondo
and Carlos Alberto Lozano (MEX)
 Pavel Kudrnáč
and Tomáš Macharáček (CZE)
 Li Si
and Yang Jingzhu (CHN)
 Kim Dong-hyun
and Lee Chang-Hoon (KOR)
Women's Singles  Li Na (CHN)  Janet Lee (TPE)  Chung Yang-jin (KOR)
 Amanda Janes (GBR)
Women's Doubles  Li Na
and Li Ting (CHN)
 Kim Eun-ha
and Kim Mi-ok (KOR)
 Julie Coin
and Emilie Scribot (FRA)
 Janet Lee
and Weng Tzu-ting (TPE)
Mixed Doubles  Li Na
and Zhu Benqiang (CHN)
 Susi Bensch
and Jan Boruszewski (GER)
 Linda Faltynková
and Tomáš Macharek (CZE)
 Kim Eun-ha
and Kim Dong-hyun (KOR)

Medal table

1 China (CHN)3014
2 South Korea (KOR)1135
3 Mexico (MEX)1001
4 Chinese Taipei (TPE)0123
5 Czech Republic (CZE)0112
6 Germany (GER)0101
 Russia (RUS)0101
8 France (FRA)0011
 Great Britain (GBR)0011
  Switzerland (SUI)0011
Totals (10 nations)551020

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