Tennis at the 1997 Summer Universiade

Tennis events were contested at the 1997 Summer Universiade in the island of Sicily, Italy.

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles  Yoon Yong-il (KOR)  Pavel Kudrnáč (CZE)  Lin Bing-chao (TPE)
 Alexander von Hugo (GER)
Men's Doubles  Lee Hyung-taik
and Yoon Yong-il (KOR)
 Martin Dvořáček
and Pavel Kudrnáč (CZE)
 Massimo Calvelli
and Lorenzo Pennisi (ITA)
 Vladimir Lys
and Aleksandr Yarmola (UKR)
Women's Singles  Wang Shi-ting (TPE)  Nathalie Callen (FRA)  Jeon Mi-ra (KOR)
 Germana Di Natale (ITA)
Women's Doubles  Hsu
and Wang Shi-ting (TPE)
 Magdalena Feistel
and Katarzyna Teodorowicz (POL)
 Shinobu Asagoe
and Okamoto (JPN)
 Patrícia Marková
and Ombrejková (SVK)
Mixed Doubles  Jeon Mi-ra
and Kim (KOR)
 Wang Shi-ting
and Lin Bing-chao (TPE)
 Claudia Timm
and Alexander von Hugo (GER)
 Patrícia Marková
and Erik Csarnakovics (SVK)

Medal table

1 South Korea (KOR)3014
2 Chinese Taipei (TPE)2114
3 Czech Republic (CZE)0202
4 France (FRA)0101
 Poland (POL)0101
6 Germany (GER)0022
 Italy (ITA)0022
 Slovakia (SVK)0022
9 Japan (JPN)0011
 Ukraine (UKR)0011
Totals (10 nations)551020
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