Tennis at the 1997 Mediterranean Games

The tennis competitions at the 1997 Mediterranean Games in Bari, Italy from June 14–19.

Athletes competed in 4 events.

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Vincenzo Santopadre
Alberto Martín
Fernando Vicente
Men's doubles Vincenzo Santopadre
and Gabrio Castrichella
Iztok Božič
and Borut Urh
Alberto Martín
and Fernando Vicente
Women's singles Tathiana Garbin
Maria Paola Zavagli
Ana Alcázar
Women's doubles Christína Papadáki
and Christina Zachariadou
Tathiana Garbin
and Maria Paola Zavagli
Duygu Akşit Oal
and Gülberk Gültekin

Medal table


  *   Host nation (Italy)

1 Italy*3205
2 Greece1001
3 Spain0134
4 Slovenia0101
5 Turkey0011
Totals (5 nations)44412


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