Tennis at the 1979 Summer Universiade

Tennis events were contested at the 1979 Summer Universiade in Mexico City, Mexico.

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles  Vadim Borisov (URS)  Nandan Bal (IND)  Andrei Dîrzu (ROU)
Men's Doubles  Ramiz Akhmerov
and Vadim Borisov (URS)
 Dick Metz
and Blaine Willenborg (USA)
 Andrei Dîrzu
and Florin Segărceanu (ROU)
Women's Singles  Zhmyreva (URS)  Biryukova (URS)  Ruzici (ROU)
Women's Doubles  Florenţa Mihai
and Ruzici (ROU)
and Kim (KOR)
and Zhmyreva (URS)
Mixed Doubles  Ruzici
and Banriel (ROU)
and Ramiz Akhmerov (URS)
 Hélène Pelletier
and Mothadi (CAN)

Medal table

1 Soviet Union (URS)3216
2 Romania (ROU)2035
3 India (IND)0101
 South Korea (KOR)0101
 United States (USA)0101
6 Canada (CAN)0011
Totals (6 nations)55515

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