Tennis at the 1970 Summer Universiade

Tennis events were contested at the 1970 Summer Universiade in Turin, Italy.

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles  Patrick Proisy (FRA)  Toomas Leius (URS)  Franco Bartoni (ITA)
Men's Doubles  Jun Kamiwazumi
and Toshiro Sakai (JPN)
 Toomas Leius
and Anatoli Volkov (URS)
 Fred McNair
and Charlie Owens (USA)
Women's Singles  Tiu Parmas (URS)  Sawamatsu (JPN)  Odile de Roubin (FRA)
Women's Doubles  Ada Bakker
and Tine Zwaan (NED)
 Junko Sawamatsu
and Kazuko Sawamatsu (JPN)
 Tiu Parmas
and Sobol (URS)
Mixed Doubles  Tiu Parmas
and Toomas Leius (URS)
 Janet Young
and Geoff Pollard (AUS)
and Charlie Owens (USA)

Medal table

1 Soviet Union (URS)2215
2 Japan (JPN)1203
3 France (FRA)1012
4 Netherlands (NED)1001
5 Australia (AUS)0101
6 United States (USA)0022
7 Italy (ITA)0011
Totals (7 nations)55515

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