Tenczynek Landscape Park

Tenczynek Landscape Park (Tenczyński Park Krajobrazowy) is a protected area (a Landscape Park) in southern Poland, established in 1981, and covering an area of 117.47 square kilometres (45.36 sq mi).

Tenczynek Landscape Park
Tenczyński Park Krajobrazowy
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Picturesque ruins of the Tenczyn Castle in the park
LocationLesser Poland Voivodeship
Area117.47 km²

The Park lies within Lesser Poland Voivodeship: in Chrzanów County (Gmina Chrzanów, Gmina Alwernia, Gmina Babice, Gmina Trzebinia) and Kraków County (Gmina Krzeszowice, Gmina Liszki, Gmina Wielka Wieś, Gmina Zabierzów). It takes its name from the village of Tenczynek in Gmina Krzeszowice. Within the Landscape Park are five nature reserves.

Tenczyn Castle

Tenczynek Landscape Park is the location of a medieval Tenczyn Castle built around 1570 as a seat of the powerful Tęczyński family.[1] The castle fell into ruin during the Deluge in mid-17th century, after being pillaged and burned by Swedish-Brandenburgian forces looking for the Polish Crown Jewels and the rumored treasures of the Tęczyński family.[2]


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