Temporary Forever

Temporary Forever is a studio album by American rapper Busdriver. It was released on Temporary Whatever in 2002. It features guest appearances from Radioinactive, Rhetoric, Of Mexican Descent, and Aceyalone. Most of the tracks were recorded and mixed by Daddy Kev, who is a co-executive producer of the album. All scratching on the album was done by D-Styles.

Temporary Forever
Studio album by
Released2002 (2002)
GenreHip hop
LabelTemporary Whatever
ProducerCerebro, Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, O.D., Busdriver, Conartist, Marques Broadwell, Hive
Busdriver chronology
Memoirs of the Elephant Man
Temporary Forever
Cosmic Cleavage
Singles from Temporary Forever
  1. "Imaginary Places"
    Released: 2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
CMJ New Music Monthlyfavorable[2]
Urban Smarts84/100[4]

Critical reception

John Bush of AllMusic gave the album 4 stars out of 5, saying, "the album has so many incredible ideas and catchy riffs that it trumps entire careers by some rappers out there."[1] He added, "Temporary Forever introduces one of the most imaginative talents to ever grace the rap world."[1]

In 2008, Vibe included it on the "24 Lost Rap Classics" list. Sean Fennessey wrote, "his adenoidal flow, a breathless bundle of consonants and exclamation points, will challenge anyone looking to tune the MC out."[5]

In 2015, HipHopDX included it on the "30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums Since 2000" list.[6]

Track listing

1."New Aquarium"Cerebro, Daddy Kev1:07
2."Imaginary Places"Paris Zax3:15
3."Along Came a Biter"Paris Zax4:05
4."Idle Chatter"O.D.3:38
5."Gun Control"Paris Zax3:11
6."Mindcrossings"Daddy Kev2:56
7."Suing Sony"Daddy Kev2:46
8."Stylin' Under Pressure"Busdriver2:20
9."Single Cell Ego"Daddy Kev2:39
10."Somethingness" (featuring Radioinactive and Rhetoric)Conartist6:08
11."Driver's Manual"Daddy Kev0:50
12."The Truth of Spontaneous Human Combustion" (featuring Of Mexican Descent)Marques Broadwell4:39
13."Opposable Thumbs"Paris Zax4:43
14."Unplanned Parenthood"Paris Zax1:44
15."Jazz Fingers" (featuring Aceyalone)O.D.4:34
16."Reality Sandwich"Hive4:14
17."Wrong Route"Cerebro, Daddy Kev1:03
18."Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues"Paris Zax10:04


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