Temblor Formation

The Temblor Formation is a geologic formation in California. It preserves fossils dating back from the Late Oligocene to the Middle Miocene of the Neogene period.

Temblor Formation
Stratigraphic range: Late Oligocene-Mid Miocene
~28–11.6 Ma
TypeGeologic formation
Sub-unitsAgua Sandstone Member, Buttonbed Sandstone Member, Carneros Sandstone Member, Cymric Shale Member, Devilwater Siltstone, Gould Shale, Media Shale Member, Round Mountain Silt, Santos Shale Member, Wygal Sandstone Member
UnderliesMonterey Formation
PrimaryShale, sandstone
RegionWestern San Joaquin Valley,
Kern County, California
CountryUnited States
Type section
Named forNamed from exposures on Temblor Ranch, McKittrick district, Kern County
Named byAnderson
Year defined1905



Cartilagenous fishes

Rays and skates



  • Diomedea californica[4]
    • D. milleri[4]
  • Fulmarus miocaenus[4]
  • Hadrogyps aigialerus[4]
  • Megalodytes morejohni[4]
  • Morus vagabundus[4]
  • Pandion homalopteron[4]
  • Pelagornis cf. orri[4]
  • Presbychen abavus[4]
  • Puffinus inceptor[4]
    • P. milleri[4]
    • P. priscus[4]


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