Tell Me Tonight

Tell Me Tonight or Be Mine Tonight is a 1932 British musical comedy film directed by Anatole Litvak and starring Jan Kiepura, Sonnie Hale and Magda Schneider.[2] It was shot in Berlin at the Babelsberg Studios as part of a co-production between Gainsborough Pictures and the German firm Cine-Allianz.[3] A separate German-language version The Song of Night was also released.

Tell Me Tonight
Directed byAnatole Litvak
Produced byHermann Fellner
Arnold Pressburger
Gregor Rabinovitch
Josef Somlo
Written byAlbrecht Joseph
J.O.C. [1]Orton
Irma von Cube
StarringJan Kiepura
Sonnie Hale
Magda Schneider
CinematographyWilly Goldberger
Fritz Arno Wagner
Distributed byWoolf and Freedman
Release date
31 October 1932
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom



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