Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center (TAPAC, Hebrew: המשכן לאומנויות הבמה) or The Golda Center for Performing Arts (Hebrew: מרכז גולדה לאומנויות הבמה) is a performing arts center at King Saul Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was designed by Israeli architect Yaakov Rechter.

The Center's exterior facade
Israeli Opera House

Opened to the public in 1994, the center is home to the Israeli Opera,[1] and the Cameri Theater,[2] welcoming about a million visitors annually. The complex is adjacent to Beit Ariela (the Central Municipal Library) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, with Dubnow Park lying at the back of the center.

The center hosts a variety of performances including dance, classical music, opera and jazz, as well as fine arts exhibitions.


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