Tektronix extended HEX

Tektronix extended HEX is a file format, created by Tektronix, for conveying binary information for applications like programming microcontrollers, EPROMs, and other kinds of chips.

Tektronix extended HEX
Filename extension.tek

Each line of Tektronix extended HEX file starts with a percent (%) character. A line consists of five parts:

  1. Record Length — 2 character (1 byte) field that specifies the number of characters (not bytes) in the record, excluding the percent.
  2. Type — 1 character field, specifies whether the record is data (6) or termination (8). (6 record contains data, placed at the address specified. 8 termination record: The address field may optionally contain the address of the instruction to which control is passed ; there is no data field.)
  3. Checksum — 2 hex digits (1 byte, represents the sum of all the nibbles on the line,excluding the checksum itself.
  4. Address — 2 to N character field. The first character is how many characters are to follow for this field. The remaining characters contains the address that specifies where the data is to be loaded into memory. For example, if the first character is 8, then the following 8 characters should specify the address for a total of 9 characters in this field.
  5. Data — contains the executable code, memory-loadable data or descriptive information to be transferred.

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