Tehran–Qom–Isfahan High Speed Rail

Tehran–Qom–Isfahan High Speed Rail is the first truly high-speed rail project in Iran, currently under construction.[1][3] The rail line would decrease travel times between Tehran and Isfahan, passing through Qom. It also connects Isfahan and Qom to Imam Khomeini International Airport, the most important international airport of Iran, making international air travel for passengers from Qom and Isfahan much more convenient.[4] Civil works are undertaken by Chinese consortium led by China Railway Engineering Corporation.[1]

Tehran-Qom-Isfahan High Speed Rail
Native nameراه آهن سریع السیر تهران-قم-اصفهان
TypeHigh-speed rail
StatusUnder construction
LocaleTehran Province, Qom Province, Isfahan Province
Stations4 (Planned)
OwnerIslamic Republic of Iran Railways
Line length410 km (250 mi)[1]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
ElectrificationOverhead catenary
Operating speed300 km/h[2]
Route map

Initial concept

This line was the first high-speed railway after Islamic revolution about 1990 and because of available technology at that time the speed target was set 270 km/h as in TGV in France and ICE in Germany.

After accepting the proposal for electrification of Tehran–Mashhad railway and increasing the target speed to 200 for locomotive hauled trains and 250 for EMU, Tehran-Esfahan high-speed was studied for increasing the speed in 2006.

The available technology and standard at that time was suitable to go to 350 km/h and this was proposed to the road and transportation minister. The subject was referred to the consultant and the geometry of track was studied again and was found acceptable for 350 for 70% of the Qom to Esfahan.


  • Tehran railway station
  • Imam Khomeini International Airport Terminal 2 and 3 Railway Station (Planned)
  • Qom New railway station (Planned)
  • Isfahan-North railway station (Planned)


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