Teen Bata Teen

Teen Bata Teen (or 3 Bata 3) (Urdu: تین بٹا تین Lit: Three divided by Three) was a 1995 Pakistani comedy-drama sitcom which was written by Adeel Hashmi and directed by Jawad Bashir. It was aired on Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV One, now PTV Home).[1]

Teen Bata Teen
Written byAdeel Hashmi
Directed byJawad Bashir
StarringAdeel Hashmi
Faisal Qureshi
Ali Tahir
Mira Hashmi
Wajiha Tahir
Jawad Bashir
Mudasir Aftab
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
Production location(s)Pakistan
Original networkATV


Teen Bata Teen was aired in 1995 on PTV Home and it starred Adeel Hashmi, Faisal Qureshi, Ali Tahir, Mira Hashmi, Wajiha Tahir and Fatima. The sitcom became very popular and was also named as the first television sitcom aired in Pakistan.[2][3][4]



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