Ted Emery

Ted Emery is an Australian film and television director and producer.

Ted Emery served in the Royal Australian Navy during the Vietnam War.[1][2] After returning to Australia, he joined the ABC in Melbourne, Australia, and in time became a director and producer for the weekly ABC music program, Countdown.

He continued to work as an assistant director at the ABC on such programs as Power Without Glory, before moving into directing comedy series. He has worked consistently as a director, writer and producer of a number of Australian comedy television series and films,[3] including Fast Forward, Full Frontal and Kath and Kim.


Year Title Role
1974 Countdown Producer/Director
1976 Power Without Glory First Assistant Director
1982 Simon Gallaher Show Director/Producer
1986 While You're Down There Director/Producer
1986 Acropolis Now Director
1990 Tonight Live with Steve Vizard Director
1991 Turn It Up Director/Producer
1992 Bligh Director/Executive Producer
1989-1992 Fast Forward Writer/Executive Producer
1994 Jimeoin Director
1996 Eric Bana Show Live Executive Producer
1993-1997 Full Frontal Writer/Executive Producer
1996 Shark Bay Director
1998-2001 Micallef Program Director
1999 The Craic Director
2000 One Size Fits All Executive Producer
2002-2007 Kath and Kim Director
2003 Welcher and Welcher Director
2003 The Honourable Wally Norman Director
2004-2005 Dancing With The Stars Director
2007 Wendy Harmer's Stuff Director
2008 Whatever Happened To That Guy Director
2010-2011 Bed of Roses Director
2012 Kath and Kimderella Director

Emery was featured in the Molly Meldrum television series, Molly, where his work as a director on Countdown was dramatised. Emery is credited with having helped to save many of the old reels of film of Countdown,[4][5] from being taped over.

Emery moved to Queensland in 2008,[6] and retired from film work by 2015.[7]


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