Team Ireland Roller Derby

Team Ireland Roller Derby represents Ireland in women's international roller derby, in events such as the Roller Derby World Cup. Affectionately known as the "Green Machine", the team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, and finished the tournament in tenth place.

Team Ireland Roller Derby
Logo for 2011 and 2014 World Cups
ColorsGreen and white
Head coachKarl Case (Lt Damn) and Jeff Roche
ManagerMary Bowe
Championships10th place at Roller Derby World Cup 2011, 2014
BroadcastersDerby News Network

The Irish team warmed up for the 2011 World Cup with a number of bouts against English leagues, starting with the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls.[1]

At the World Cup, Ireland lost to Team Finland in round 1;[2] then easily beat Team Brazil in the consolation stage,[3] but lost to Team Germany to finish tenth.[4]

The team's head coach, Violent Bob, from Dublin Roller Girls,[5] stated afterwards that the team were "probably among the underdogs" at the World Cup, but were "pretty proud of how we got on". He highlighted in particular the team's group stage 64–119 loss to Team England as a competitive performance.[6]

Team roster

2016 - 2018 Training Squad

Team Ireland named its team training squad of 30 skaters in November 2016, following try-outs. Head Coach is Karl Case (Lt Damn) from Manchester Roller Derby and Team Ireland Men's Roller Derby, and assistant coach is Jeff Roche from Limerick Roller Derby and Team Ireland Men's Roller Derby Team Manager is Mary Bowe (Bowe T-Vicious) from Waterford City Viqueens.

Number Name League
0 Feral Fairy Manchester Roller Derby
3 Siobhan Murphy Central City Rollergirls
7 Ellie Beating Dublin Roller Derby
13 Minx Manchester Roller Derby
16 Jemerald Dublin Roller Derby
17 Moa Hogarth Dublin Roller Derby
19 Holly Sheet Manchester Roller Derby
23 Emma Greenhalgh Dublin Roller Derby
24 Celtic Tiger Oxford Roller Derby
29 Zoe Hayes Newcastle Roller Derby League
31 Fiona McMahon Limerick Roller Derby
32 Cork Rebel Gotham Girls Roller Derby
42 Dana Scurry Rainy City Roller Derby
44 Aine Kelly Dublin Roller Derby
45 Oonagh O'flaherty Belfast Roller Derby
74 Sophia McKee Dublin Roller Derby
75 Barbara Robinson Belfast Roller Derby
83 Elaine Snowden Dublin Roller Derby
89 Katie Tokarski Nottingham Hellfire Harlots
90 Elaine Clarke Dublin Roller Derby
99 Rollo Tomasi Birmingham Blitz Dames
114 Elke Dickson Dublin Roller Derby
123 Maria Canavan Dublin Roller Derby
333 Gypsy Darling Limerick Roller Derby
414 Rusty Bullet Manchester Roller Derby
490 Fiona Carton Dublin Roller Derby
777 Amy Plant Dublin Roller Derby
999 Aisling Guider Limerick Roller Derby
1033 Caroline Brady Limerick Roller Derby
36 Hester Wu London Rollergirls

2014 team roster

Team Ireland named its roster for the 2014 Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup in October 2014. Team Coach is Sinister Mary Clarence (London Rollergirls, Assistant Coach is Kitty Cadaver (Dublin Roller Derby) and Line up manager is Belle Igerent (Limerick Rollergirls). The team manager is Titstanium (Limerick Rollergirls).

0Feral FairyLeeds Roller Dolls
1033Jewel SufferLimerick Roller Girls
1337Ra-Ra RasputinaBelfast Roller Derby
14Anne PrendivilleDublin Roller Derby
16JemeraldDublin Roller Derby
17Moa HogarthDublin Roller Derby
23DEmma GreenhalghDublin Roller Derby
24Celtic TigerOxford Roller Derby
3PusciferBelfast Roller Derby
32Cork RebelGotham Girls Roller Derby
42Agent Dana ScurryCentral City Rollergirls
45Maul'er MaloneBelfast Roller Derby
451Lil' PaineBoston Derby Dames
490Fiona CartonDublin Roller Derby
69Rachel McAlpinGotham Girls Roller Derby
7Sarah McMillanGlasgow Roller Derby
74StabbaDublin Roller Derby
77Roisin McGrathBelfast Roller Derby
x3Siobhan MurphyCentral City Rollergirls
LD50Chemikill HazardGlasgow Roller Derby

2011 team roster

Team Ireland named its initial roster in September 2011, following try-outs.[7] Most of the skaters were from Ireland's two leagues with bouting experience, the Dublin Roller Girls and Cork City Firebirds.[6] (league affiliations listed as of at the time of the announcement)

Agony AnntDublin Roller Girls
18B.A BlockusDublin Roller Girls
5x5Bad FaithLondon Rollergirls
245Belle for LeatherDublin Roller Girls
1000Canadian Psycho[note 1]Greater Toronto Area Rollergirls
LD50Chemikill HazardGlasgow Roller Girls
R666Crow JaneCork City Firebirds
76Coco PoxGlasgow Roller Girls
619Holly SheetDolly Rockit Rollers
842Jessica MooneyKernow Rollers
<3Jessica RammitDublin Roller Girls
37Kitty CadaverDublin Roller Girls
Lil' EdeeDublin Roller Girls
Peppy NephrineDublin Roller Girls
16Phantom JemeraldCork City Firebirds
N17Roisin RouletteBirmingham Blitz Dames
24Rush'n BarronCork City Firebirds
27Sinister Mary ClarenceLondon Rollergirls
27Tina Gutt-her and JammDublin Roller Girls
21Wile E. PeyoteRat City Rollergirls
67Zola BloodDublin Roller Girls


  1. Canadian Psycho, while not on the initial roster, was a last-minute replacement and did compete.


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