Te cunosc de undeva!

Te cunosc de undeva! (translation: I know you from somewhere!) is the Romanian version of the talent show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.[1] The first series premiered on 17 March 2012 on Antena 1. The show is hosted by Cosmin Seleși and Alina Pușcaș.[2] Its panel of judges includes Andreea Bălan, Ozana Barabancea, Aurelian Temișan and Cristi Iacob.[3]

Te cunosc de undeva!
Created byGestmusic Endemol
Presented by
Country of originRomania
Original language(s)Romanian
No. of series13
No. of episodes81
Production location(s)Bucharest, Romania
Running time120 mins
Original networkAntena 1
Original release17 March 2012 (2012-03-17) 
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The show challenges celebrities to perform as different musical artists every week, which are chosen by its "Randomiser", and they are judged by a celebrity panel. Each celebrity performs a song-and-dance routine associated with a particular singer. The randomiser can choose an older or younger artist, one of the opposite sex (except during week one) or a deceased singer.


Contestants are awarded points from the judges (and each another) based on their singing and dancing. Each public vote triggers donations to eight charities.

Judges award points (up to 12 each, for a possible grand total of 48) to the contestants, who have five points to give to a contestant of their choice. These bonus points are awarded after all the contestants have performed. The total score of each contestant is the sum of the judges' and contestants' votes and the televotes. The winning contestant at the end of the each show receives €1000 to donate to a charity of their choice, and a €15,000 grand prize is awarded to the series champion in the final week.


Forty-one contestants have competed. Two have competed in two seasons, five[4] in three seasons,[5] and Maria Buză in four.[6]

Italicized contestants have participated in the most-recent season.

Color key:

     Third place
     Fourth place (qualified for the final)
     Fourth place (did not qualify)
     First elimination of the season
Adrian Enache3rd
Alex Maţaev5th
Alex VeleaWon
Alina Eremia2nd
Anda Adam8th4th7th
Andreea Banică3rd
Andrei Ștefănescu7th
Cezar OuatuWon
Dalma Kovács5th
Daniel Iordăchioaie4th
Dan Helciug5th
Delia Matache3rd
Doru Todoruț2nd
Elena Ionescu7th
Ellie White6th
Florin Ristei2nd5th
Iulian Vasile8th
Jean de la Craiova3rd
Julia Jianu7th
Lavinia Pârvă7th
Lidia Buble8th
Maria Buză6th4th2ndWon
Marian Niculae8th
Mike Diamondz7th
Nicole Cherry6th
Rona Hartner4th3rd
Simona Nae2nd
Sonny Flame6th
Şerban Copoţ3rd
  • CRBL, Maria Buză, Jorge and Lora returned for season two.[4][5]
  • Anda Adam, Pepe and Maria Buză returned for season four.[6][7]

Season results

Season Premiere Finale Winner Runner(s)-up Hosts
17 March 2012
26 May 2012
Alina Pușcaș
Cosmin Seleși
15 September 2012
1 December 2012
16 February 2013
11 May 2013
Simona Nae
7 September 2013
11 December 2013
Maria Buză
15 February 2014
17 May 2014
Alex Velea
Doru Todoruț, Florin Ristei
6 (All-stars)
13 September 2014
20 December 2014
Maria Buză
14 February 2015
16 May 2015
Cezar Ouatu
Alina Eremia
12 September 2015
26 December 2015
Florin Ristei
Șerban Copoț


Season one (2012)

The show debuted on 17 March 2012[8] and ended on 26 May. Judges were pop singer Aurelian Temișan, singer and dancer Andreea Bălan, soprano Ozana Barabancea and actor Andrei Aradits. The winner was singer-dancer CRBL,[9] who defeated Lora in the final. CRBL received a cheque for €15,000.[10]

Season two (2012)

The second season began on 15 September 2012 and ended on 1 December, with all four judges returning. The winner was singer, dancer and television presenter Jorge,[11] who received a cheque for €15,000.[12] Lora was runner-up for the second time.[13]

Season three (2013)

The third season began on 16 February 2013 and ended on 11 May, with all four judges returning. The winner was singer and TV host Pepe,[14] who received a cheque for €15,000.[15] Simona Nae was the runner-up.

Season four (2013)

The series' fourth season began on 7 September 2013, with all four judges returning. The winner was again Pepe, with Maria Buză the runner-up.

Season five (2014)

The fifth season began in 2014, and the judges were Andrei Aradits, Monica Anghel, Pepe and Delia. New contestants were Nicole Cherry, Raluka, Andreea Bănică, Elena Ionescu, Alex Mațaev, Doru Todoruț, Florin Ristei and Alex Velea. During the season Delia changed places with Horia Brenciu, and the season winner was Alex Velea.

Season six: All-Stars (2014)

The sixth season began on 13 September 2014, with the original judges returning by popular demand. For the All-Star season, contestants were chosen for their previous performances. They were: CRBL, Lora, Pepe, Maria Buză, Florin Ristei, Rona Hartner, Jorge and Anda Adam. Five contestants, instead of the usual four, appeared in the final: Jorge, Lora, Pepe, Maria Buză and Rona Hartner. The winner of the all-star season was Maria Buză.

Season seven (2015)

The seventh season started on 14 February 2015 with the same judges and hosts. There were nine new contestants and one returning player: soloists Oana Sârbu, Alina Eremia, Lidia Buble, Cezar Ouatu, Daniel Iordăchioaie, Liviu Vârciu and the groups Bambi (Raluca and Denisa Tănase) and Alb-Negru (Andrei Ștefănescu and Kamara). The winner was the opera singer Cezar Ouatu, and pop singer Alina Eremia was the runner-up.

Hosts and judges

On 16 March 2012, actor and television presenter Cosmin Seleși and actress-model Alina Pușcaș were confirmed as hosts for the first season; they are known for their humor and spontaneity.[16] Singer Aurelian Temișan, dancer Andreea Bălan,[17] soprano Ozana Barabancea and actor Andrei Aradits were confirmed as judges.[18] In season five, Bălan, Barabancea and Temișan changed places with Pepe, Monica Anghel and Delia.

Awards and nominee

For three consecutive years, from 2012 to 2014, TV Mania gave Te cunosc de undeva! its award for best entertainment show.[19]


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