Taxi! (British TV series)

Taxi! was a BBC television comedy-drama series transmitted in 1963 and 1964.

Created by Ted Willis, who had developed Dixon of Dock Green, he was well aware of taxicab drivers inclination to provide stories, and intended 12 individual plays for what became the first series. The series starred Sid James as cab firm owner and driver Sid Stone. Similar to his role in the near contemporary film Carry On Cabby (1963), this was more a drama with humour, Jack Rosenthal scripted a few episodes and Bill Owen appeared as the cab firm's co-owner Fred Cudell with Ray Brooks as driver Terry Mills. The three men shared part of a converted house, with Sid Stone tending to interfere in the lives of his colleagues and his customers.[1] James' character was, according to John Fisher, "streetwise, but conscientious".[2]

While ratings for the first series were poor, it was transmitted in the summer,[3] a second series was broadcast in 1964. Female neighbours were now introduced, and Bill Owen's character was written out.[1] The series was produced by Michael Mills among others. Of the 26 episodes broadcast, only one is believed to still exist.[4] (see Wiping).


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