Taschereau (electoral district)

Taschereau is a provincial electoral district in the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. It consists of part of the La Cité-Limoilou borough of Quebec City and the tiny enclave of Notre-Dame-des-Anges.

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureNational Assembly of Quebec
Catherine Dorion
Québec solidaire
District created1972
First contested1973
Last contested2018
Population (2011)62,215
Electors (2012)[1]48,691
Area (km²)[2]16.5
Pop. density (per km²)3,770.6
Census divisionsQuebec City (part)
Census subdivisionsQuebec City (part), Notre-Dame-des-Anges

It was created for the 1973 election from parts of Jean-Talon and Saint-Sauveur electoral districts.

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it lost territory to Jean-Lesage and Vanier-Les Rivières but gained territory from Jean-Talon.

The district is named after former Quebec Premier Louis-Alexandre Taschereau who served as premier from 1920 to 1936.

Members of the National Assembly

This riding has elected the following Members of the National Assembly:

Legislature Years Member Party
Riding created from Jean-Talon and Saint-Sauveur
30th  1973–1976     Irénée Bonnier Liberal
31st  1976–1981     Richard Guay Parti Québécois
32nd  1981–1985
33rd  1985–1989     Jean Leclerc Liberal
34th  1989–1994
35th  1994–1998     André Gaulin Parti Québécois
36th  1998–2003 Agnès Maltais
37th  2003–2007
38th  2007–2008
39th  2008–2012
40th  2012–2014
41st  2014–2018
42nd  2018–Present     Catherine Dorion Québec solidaire

Election results

Election results
2018 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Québec solidaireCatherine Dorion15,37142.52+23.32[3]
Coalition Avenir QuébecSvetlana Solomykina6,83218.90+2.58
Parti QuébécoisDiane Lavallée6,37917.65-13.97
LiberalFlorent Tanlet6,36517.61-12.79
GreenÉlisabeth Grégoire5391.49New
Parti nulNicolas Pouliot2410.67-0.40
New DemocraticRoger Duguay1960.54New
Citoyens au pouvoirChristian Lavoie1520.42New
Équipe autonomisteGuy Boivin730.20+0.06
Total valid votes 36,15798.82
Total rejected ballots 4311.18
Turnout 36,58873.74+0.33
Eligible voters 49,619
2014 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais11,37631.66-5.40
LiberalFlorent Tanlet10,92530.40+4.72
Coalition Avenir QuébecSteve Brabant5,86516.32-0.39
Québec solidaireMarie-Ève Duchesne5,49515.29+3.60
Option nationaleCatherine Dorion1,5134.21-3.22
Parti nulJean-Luc Savard3851.07+0.12
ConservativeAnne Deblois1980.55
Parti des sans PartiSylvain Drolet1270.35
Équipe autonomisteGuy Boivin490.14-0.05
Total valid votes 35,93398.72
Total rejected ballots 4661.28
Turnout 36,39973.41-3.96
Electors on the lists 49,582
2012 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais13,99437.06-7.16
LiberalClément Gignac9,69725.68-3.80
Coalition Avenir QuébecMario Asselin6,31116.71+3.32*
Québec solidaireSerge Roy4,41611.69+3.27
Option nationaleCatherine Dorion2,8047.43
Parti nulJean-Luc Savard3580.95
Coalition pour la constituanteFrançois Tremblay1100.29
Équipe autonomisteGuy Boivin720.19
Total valid votes 37,76298.91
Total rejected ballots 4181.09
Turnout 38,18077.37+20.41
Electors on the lists 49,350

* Result compared to Action démocratique

2008 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais11,76844.22+7.12
LiberalHébert Dufour7,84529.48+8.21
Action démocratiqueRenée-Claude Lizotte3,56313.39-14.16
Québec solidaireSerge Roy2,2418.42+0.18
GreenAntonine Yaccarini1,0483.94-1.65
Parti indépendantisteMélanie Thériault1490.56
Total valid votes 26,61498.56
Total rejected ballots 3881.44
Turnout 27,00256.96-13.58
Electors on the lists 47,407
2007 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais12,34037.10
Action démocratiqueCarolyn Pageau9,61227.55
LiberalPhilippe Dufour7,07321.27
Québec solidaireSerge Roy2,7418.24
GreenYonnel Bonaventure1,8603.94
IndependentLuc Schulz810.24
Total valid votes 33,25799.00
Total rejected ballots 3361.00
Turnout 33,59370.54
Electors on the lists 47,620
2003 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais12,93038.95
LiberalMichel Beaudoin11,24038.86
Action démocratiqueJean-Guy Lemieux6,53719.69
UFPAlain Marcoux1,1763.54
GreenDominic Lapointe7312.20
Bloc PotBenjamin Kasapoglu3891.17
IndependentPatrice Fortin1020.31
IndependentAlain Cyr950.29
Total valid votes 33,20098.65
Total rejected ballots 4561.35
Turnout 33,65669.37
Electors on the lists 48,515
1998 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisAgnès Maltais11,32747.00
LiberalClaude Doré8,79336.48
Action démocratiqueMarie-France Lachaîne3,03312.58
Socialist DemocracyAlain Marcoux5212.16
Independent RAPDenys Duchêne3521.46
IndependentPatrice Fortin760.32
Total valid votes 24,10298.27
Total rejected ballots 4251.73
Turnout 24,52773.84
Electors on the lists 33,217
1995 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Oui 17,358 59.05
Non 12,038 40.95
1994 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisAndré Gaulin12,30851.86
LiberalJean-Guy Gilbert6,52527.49
Action démocratiqueLyne Tremblay2,0418.60
New DemocraticSerge Foisy7052.97
Independent PQDenys Duchêne5472.30
IndependentNancy Labbé4301.81
IndependentAndré Dorval3861.63
Natural LawMonique Gilbert3321.40
IndependentJocelyn Pelletier1450.61
IndependentDaniel Pelletier1090.46
DevelopmentDaniel-Roméo Roy800.34
IndependentJ.-Gaston Miohaud790.33
IndependentNoël Poirer450.19
Total valid votes 24,10298.27
Total rejected ballots 4251.73
Turnout 24,52773.84
Electors on the lists 33,217
1992 Charlottetown Accord referendum
Side Votes %
Non 14,423 67.37
Oui 6,987 32.63
1989 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
LiberalJean Leclerc10,17650.44
Parti QuébécoisFrançois Tremblay8,74143.33
New DemocraticHélène Huard1,2586.24
Total valid votes 20,17596.39
Total rejected ballots 7563.61
Turnout 20,93174.20
Electors on the lists 28,209
1985 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
LiberalJean Leclerc11,58453.81
Parti QuébécoisRichard Guay8,09537.60
New DemocraticPierre Rivard1,2175.65
Progressive ConservativeJean-Yves Boulianne2361.10
IndependentJay Laurence Taylor2090.97
IndependentRoger Labadie1000.46
Christian SocialismDenis Thériault870.41
Total valid votes 24,52898.00
Total rejected ballots 4392.00
Turnout 21,96772.54
Electors on the lists 30,284
1981 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisRichard Guay13,59156.98
LiberalFlorence Ievers9,38439.35
Union NationaleLucien Gauthier5662.37
Workers CommunistDenise Beauchesne2361.10
CommunistDaniel Paquet2090.97
Marxist–LeninistSerge Tremblay1000.46
Total valid votes 23,85198.41
Total rejected ballots 3861.59
Turnout 24,23776.39
Electors on the lists 31,726
1980 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Non 10,677 53.08
Oui 9,438 46.92
1976 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
Parti QuébécoisRichard Guay9,92945.14
LiberalIrénée Bonnier8,09736.81
Union NationaleMarcel Drouin2,53111.51
Ralliement créditisteSimon Brouard1,1795.36
Parti national populaireJean-Marc Lemoine1510.69
WorkersLorraine Morin1070.49
Total valid votes 21,99496.56
Total rejected ballots 7843.44
Turnout 22,77880.05
Electors on the lists 28,453
1973 Quebec general election
Party Candidate Votes%
LiberalIrénée Bonnier11,71451.94
Parti QuébécoisLucien Roy6,96430.88
Ralliement créditisteJean-Marc Gignac2,33410.35
Union NationaleMadame Claude Bureau1,4386.38
Marxist–LeninistSerge Tremblay1020.45
Total valid votes 22,55297.55
Total rejected ballots 5662.45
Turnout 23,11873.79
Electors on the lists 31,331


Election results

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