Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve

Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve (Reserva Nacional de Flora y Fauna Tariquía) is a protected area in the Tarija Department, Bolivia, situated in the Aniceto Arce Province, Burnet O'Connor Province, Gran Chaco Province and José María Avilés Province. It protects part of the Central Andean puna, Southern Andean Yungas, and Bolivian montane dry forests ecoregions.[2]

Tariquía Flora and Fauna National Reserve
Reserva Nacional de Flora y Fauna Tariquía
Map of Bolivia
LocationTarija Department, Bolivia
Coordinates21°59′10″S 64°20′24″W[1]
Area2,468.7 km2 (953.2 sq mi)
Established1989 (D.S: Nº 22277)
Governing bodyServicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SERNAP)

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