Tarana (disambiguation)

Tarana is a type of composition in Indian classical vocal music.

Tarana may also refer to:



Given name

  • Tarana Abbasova (born 1967), Azerbaijani female weightlifter
  • Tarana Burke, American activist, pioneer of the Me Too movement
  • Tarana Halim (born 1966), Bangladeshi politician, former lawyer, television and film actress and playwright
  • Tarana Raja, Indian actress, dancer and TV anchor



  • Tarana (1951 film), a 1951 Indian film starring Madhubala
  • Taraana, a 1979 Hindi film starring Mithun Chakravorty
  • Radio Tarana, New Zealand radio network, broadcasting in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington
  • "Tarana-e-Milli", or Anthem of the Community, poem in which Allama Mohammad Iqbal paid tribute to the Muslim Ummah (nation) and Muhammad, the prophet of the Muslims
  • "Qaumī Tarāna", national anthem of Pakistan
  • "Tarana-e-Pakistan, claimed to be the first national anthem that was played in Pakistan's national radio on 14 August 1947

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