Tano River

The Tano or Tanoé River is a river in Ghana. It flows for 400 kilometres from Techiman in Ghana to Ehy Lagoon, Tendo Lagoon and finally Aby Lagoon in Ivory Coast where it enters the Atlantic Ocean. The river forms the last few kilometres of the international land boundary between Ghana and Ivory Coast.[1]

Tano River
South Ghana with the Tano
CountryGhana, Ivory Coast
Physical characteristics
MouthAtlantic Ocean
7°37′50″N 1°53′58″W
Length400 km (250 mi)

Indigious local beliefs hold that Taakora, the highest of the Akan Gods on Earth lives at the source of the river.[2]

The last few individuals of Miss Waldron's Red Colobus (Piliocolobus badius waldronae), one of the world's most threatened primates, are believed to live in the forest between the river and Ehy Lagoon.[3] As of mid-2008, this area is slated for logging by Unilever, with the aim to replace it with oil palm plantations.[4]


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