Tannenberg (film)

Tannenberg is a 1932 SwissGerman war film directed by Heinz Paul and starring Hans Stüwe, Käthe Haack and Jutta Sauer. The film is based on the 1914 Battle of Tannenberg during the First World War.[1] It focuses on a German landowner Captan von Arndt and his family.

Directed byHeinz Paul
Produced byLazar Wechsler
Written byPaul Oskar Höcker
Georg von Viebahn
Heinz Paul
StarringHans Stüwe
Käthe Haack
Jutta Sauer
Hertha von Walther
Music byErnst Erich Buder
CinematographyGeorg Bruckbauer
Viktor Gluck
Distributed byUFA
Release date
8 September 1932
Running time
105 min.
Budget500,000 RM (equivalent to 2 million 2009 €)


It was shot on location in East Prussia and at UFA's Babelsberg Studios during the summer of 1932.[2] It cost over half a million reichsmarks to make and employed 8,000 people. The film focused on a notable German victory and was in sharp contrast to recent anti-war films such as Westfront 1918. Tannenberg served as a national symbol in Germany, and was re-issued in 1936 during the Nazi era.[3] The Producers made an effort to make the film as historically accurate as possible, and portrayed the Russian commanders respectfully.[4] It was due to be released on 26 August 1932, the eighteenth anniversary of the battle, but was delayed by the censors acting on a request from the German President Paul von Hindenburg who was unhappy with his portrayal in the film and the première was pushed back until certain scenes had been cut.[5]



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