Tamil Nesan

The Tamil Nesan (Tamil: தமிழ் நேசன்) was a Tamil language newspaper published in Malaysia. Established in 1924, it was the oldest running Tamil newspaper in the country until its disestablishment in 2019.

Tamil Nesan
தமிழ் நேசன்
The first issue of Tamil Nesan, 24 September, 1924.
TypeDaily newspaper
Ceased publication2019

First issued on 24 September 1924,[1] the Tamil Nesan was a paper catering to the ethnic Indian community in Malaysia, primarily Tamilians, serving its readers with a variety of political, religious, nation, world, educational and Tamil cinema news. It was published daily and approximately 20,000 copies were sold every day. Like the Makkal Osai, the paper was affiliated with the Malaysian Indian Congress through its ownership by the family of former MIC president Samy Vellu.[2]

The paper ceased publication on February 1, 2019, citing 10 years of financial difficulties.[3]


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