Tambor (dance)

Tambor is a coastal Afro-Venezuelan music and dance. It is a cultural manifestation originating in the slaves from Africa.


  • Tambor Urbano

Grouping of drums directed by our partner Héctor Silveira.

On November 15, 1988, the experimental folk group “Tambor Urbano” made its first public presentation, integrated to date with musicians from the Central Coast, Windward and Caracas, was created with the intention of bringing the dance to the beat of the drumbeat the great Caraqueñas parties, fusing for it the different rhythms, songs and tunes of the different zones of the country where these customs and traditions are realized.

Using as a rhythmic base the cumaco drum and the guaranas, "Urban Drum" is considered today as one of the groups of this genre of greater charisma, managing to bring this musical expression of African origin inside and outside our country, sharing scenarios with World-renowned artists, in addition to having performed in numerous parts of the world.

Although "Urban Drum" was born with the intention of being a group of room, environment in which he has held more than six thousand social events between Marriages, Fifteen years, Birthdays, Grade parties, Conventions, Corporate Events, End of the year parties, etc., has been fortunate to participate in other types of shows and scenarios such as television where it has been presented in almost all programs of different Venezuelan television stations.

In its eighteen artistic life, "Urban Drum" has strolled through all kinds of scenarios throughout the country and abroad, sharing stage with nationally and internationally renowned artists, initially it was a bar group For different sports including the Special Basketball League, Indoor Soccer Championship, Professional Soccer Championship, they have participated in the only Major League match held in Venezuela, starting in 1993 national and international tours begin from that date until today has Shared stage with different artists of the likes of a single town, Los Pericos, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Elbita, India, Guillermo Dávila, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar de León, Andy Montañés, Willie Colon, Franco from Vita, Guaco, Sandy & Pappo, Ilegales, Maria Rivas,Maracaibo 15, Rondalla Venezolana, The Count of Guácharo, Maelo, Tito Rojas, Los Diablitos, Luís Silva, Frank Quintero, Elvis Crespo, Ismael Miranda, Sonora Ponceña, Scarlet Linares, Public Disorder, Emilio Lovera, Los Melódicos, La Billos, Orchestra Aragon, are 14, teenagers etc.

"Urban Drum" with his participation in the wedding of José Luís Rodríguez "el puma" and Carolina López in Miami, which was transmitted through Venevision in the Sensational Saturday program to more than thirty countries, managed to break the myth that the Dancing to the rhythm of the drum was exclusive for black or marginal people, also participated in the weddings of other Venezuelan artists of international projection such as Hilda Abraham, Gabriela Spanic and Karina, all broadcast on television in the Sensational Saturday program.

"Tambor Urbano" has launched seven (07) musical productions to the national and international market, obtaining a gold record for sales with the first one “Tambor Urbano vol. 1 ”,“ La Rumba Urban Drum ... ”,“ La Rumba not stopping, ”“ Fulia, Golpe and Parranda ”,“ La Rumba continues ... ”,“ Urban Fashion Drum ”, plus two“ Large 2000 hits ”and“ 2001 Special Edition ”, he has just released“ Urban Drum, La Rumba to dance and enjoy ”

During his successful musical career, Tambor Urbano has won numerous awards and recognitions such as: Gold record for sales, Golden Sun, National Artist's House, Mara de Oro, Mara de platino, Estrella de Venezuela, Musa de Oro, International Prestige, Cacique de Oro, Mar de Plata International Award, among others. Many of them repeatedly

“Urban Drum” is currently made up of the third generation of musicians whose average age is twenty-four years, the original group is only its Director, Lead Voice and founder, our partner Héctor Silvera.[1]</ref></ref></ref></ref></ref https://www.buenamusica.com/tambor-urbano/biografia [https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Un_S%C3%B3lo_Pueblo_(banda)] Un Solo Pueblo- means One People- is a Venezuelan musical group formed in Caracas, in 1976 that performs traditional genres such as parranda. It is one of the best known and celebrated folk groups in the country, whose work has served to rescue and spread, mostly, Afro-Venezuelan music. Its success in the late 1970s had a great impact on the widespread acceptance of indigenous genres such as the drum and on the record support and proliferation of similar bands from the 1980s. Generally, the group is made up of about twenty members, among which Francisco Pacheco, Jesús Querales, Ismael Queralesand Froila Gil. In 1985 he starred in a homonymous feature film directed by Manuel De Pedro that was promoted as the first Venezuelan musical film. In 1996 the group was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation by the National Congress. Many of the songs of Un Solo Pueblo have become classics of Venezuelan folk music, which are characterized by the transfer of the main voice from one member to another. In the mid-1980s the group included a section of metals and gender influences from other Hispanic or Caribbean countries grew. His songs are part of a catalog compiled in all regions of the country, which also includes their own compositions in traditional genres. The best-known titles are Viva Venezuela, Woman del Callao, Caracas Caracas, La Matica and Botaste la Bola . He has recorded an extensive discography and received numerous awards (12 Meridiano de Oro , 8 Ronda , 3 Mara de oro , 2 platinum discs, and a gold disc) and make 6 world tours. *[http://www.americasalsa.com/biografias/madera.html Grupo Madera] Means Wood group was organized in 1977 and become a synthesis of everything that happens in the regular and musical life of San Augustin del Sur Parish. Juan Romon Castro and his friends found the way to collect music all over the Parish and speed it all over, so the music from the streets and villages became well known all over the world. Best tracks: Madera Eterna —Savia de Chiloé, 2008 Décimas por Tí — Savia de Chiloé, 2008 El Señor Salmón — Savia de Chiloé, 2008 Patagonia Ausente —Savia de Chiloé, 2008 Chicha Que Quita Pena — Desde el Fiordo, 2017 Décimas por Decisión —Desde el Fiordo, 2017 Pericona por Olvido — Desde el Fiordo, 2017 María de Mis Delicias — Desde el Fiordo, 2017 Electropical — Grupo Madera, Jorge Montiel, Juan Laya feat. Electropical Pt. 3, 2019 San Juan — Grupo Madera, Jorge Montiel, Juan Laya feat. Electropical Pt. 3, 2019 <ref>http://www.americasalsa.com/biografias/madera.html[https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Un_S%C3%B3lo_Pueblo_(banda)</ref>

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