Tamas and Juli

Tamas and Juli (Hungarian: Tamás és Juli) is a 1997 Hungarian romantic film directed by Ildikó Enyedi for the 2000, Seen By... project.

Tamas and Juli
Fox Lorber DVD cover
Directed byIldikó Enyedi
Produced byCaroline Benjo
Carole Scotta
Jolán Árvai
Written byIldikó Enyedi
CinematographyTamás Sas
Edited byMária Rigó
Running time
60 minutes


In a small town, Tamas, a coal miner, meets Juli, a kindergarten teacher, and begins dating her. Their first dates are always disrupted, but they end with a date on New Year's Eve, 1999.


The film was produced for the 2000, Seen By... project,[1] initiated by the French company Haut et Court to produce films depicting the approaching turn of the millennium seen from the perspectives of 10 different countries.[2]


Deborah Young of Variety called Tamas and Juli "a slight but sensitively handled love story," and "a decent, warmhearted examination of the difficulties of young love."[3] Ted Shen of the Chicago Reader writes that Enyedi "communicates romance elliptically, through the lovers' hesitations, doleful expressions, and broad smiles."[4]


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