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Talpa Network (formerly Talpa Holding[1]) is the company in which John de Mol Jr. has transferred all of its media activities. Besides John de Mol, who as majority shareholder owns 80% of the company, Rabo Participaties owns a 20% stake in the media company. The holding company has amongst the 538 group with radio station Radio 538. Talpa Media, formerly part of Talpa Holding, has been sold to ITV plc and is a separate business unit within ITV Studios.[2]

Talpa Network
Subsidiary of a Public company
FounderJohn de Mol Jr.
Key people
John de Mol Jr.
(Founder & CEO)
OwnerJohn de Mol Jr. (80%)

Business units

The Talpa Holding is a large company that consists of, among other things, television, radio, internet and print activities.

Talpa Radio

A joint venture with the Telegraaf Media Groep, established on 1 October 2016. Before Talpa Radio, the 538 Groep (English: 538 Group, officially Radio 538 B.V.) was founded on 1 January 2012. The joint venture includes the radio stations Radio 538, Sky Radio, Radio Veronica, Radio 10 and thematic channels (only on the Internet). Additionally, the television channel TV 538.[3] In December 2017 Talpa bought all shares of the Telegraaf Media Groep making Talpa the sole owner of Talpa Radio.[4]

Talpa TV

Talpa Digital (Internet)

This business unit within Talpa Holding is responsible for cross-media rollout of various program concepts. It is also responsible for setting up stand-alone services such as dating community Mundo, Radio Digitaal and Fuel for Travel. Talpa Digital develops learn concepts in five main groups: sports, gaming, news, music and leisure. Because wherever possible Talpa Holding owns the rights to its contents it may develop directly in front digital applications. Additionally, advertisers at an early stage in the development of formats involved.

The director of Talpa Digital is Edwin Tromp. Before Edwin Tromp was working at Talpa Holding, he was responsible at Endemol Interactive and general manager at internet company Lost Boys.

Talpa Music

Talpa Music engages in the international and national production of music, the exploitation of copyrights, music publishing, production and licensing of image and sound carriers, developing artists and their image (merchandise), advice on music industry and the exploitation of music in the area of internet applications.

On an international level Talpa Music works with composers among others Burt Bacharach, Tom Waits, Bill Withers, Maxi Jazz (Faithless) and Lil John (Usher).

Abolished and divested businesses

  • Talpa Radio. This division included Noordzee FM, Radio 10 Gold and the Danish radio station Radio 100FM. All these stations have been sold to other companies.
  • Fuel for Travel - Was a digital content store at Schiphol Airport. For a certain fee, it was possible to download TV programmes, ringtones, and audiobooks.
  • Mundo was an independent dating site, but offered the possibility to get in contact with members of other dating sites.
  • Skoeps.nl - In October 2006 Talpa Holding, together with PCM Uitgevers, launched the news-in-picture Skoeps.nl website. Aim of this website was to offer user-generated content; visitors could post their own news photos and videos. Should user-generated content be successfully sold to other news media, then profits would be shared with the creator. Operations were terminated on 5 May 2008 because they never became profitable.

On 27 June 2007, it was officially announced that the television channel Tien would be taken over by RTL Nederland. The reason for the sale was partly traced back to disappointing ratings and huge financial losses. Also, radio station Radio 538 went to RTL.

Talpa TV

The business Talpa TV started in late 2004 and began its broadcasts on 13 August 2005 under the same name Talpa.

Tien (TV channel)

Talpa (later Tien) was from 13 August 2005 to see every day from 18:00 on the channel that was filled during the day by the children's channel Nickelodeon. From Saturday, 16 December 2006 the station was broadcasting 24 hours a day. That was a long cherished wish of Talpa-founder John de Mol fulfilled. The station distinguished itself from the competition by allowing existence more than 80% of its interpretation of Dutch products. In addition, managed Talpa Content the majority of its program rights. On 27 June 2007 the channel stopped due to disappointing ratings.

Tien Livestream and mobile

Tien was available on television, but in addition it was also possible to see Tien via the Internet and mobile phones. Tien had the rights of almost all of its programs and was able through multiple distribution channels offering its programs. There was also the Tien.TV website a feature that programs can be watched back.

Radio Digitaal

Radio Digitaal was in 2006 the first Dutch commercial online radio platform on the internet, which, alongside Radio 538 and Radio 10 Gold, continuous eight stations were to listen to different music formats. The stations are: 24/7 dance, NonStop 40, Power FM, Love Radio, Flashback Radio, Hits 4 Kids, Real rock radio, Après-Ski Radio, Comedy Radio and JFK. Later also Radio Noordzee Nationaal, 538 jumpstyle radio, Radio 10 Gold 90's, Radio 10 Gold 80's and Radio 10 Gold 60's/70's are added and 24/7 dance was replaced by 538 dance department. The activities of Radio Digitaal ceased on 31 December 2008. Some underlying Internet radio stations are housed in respective. Radio 538 (of RTL Netherland Holding), respectively. Radio 10 Gold. The newly launched Radio Noordzee Nationaal that had obtained cable distribution again since 1 July 2008, was stopped on 31 December 2008 as part of Radio Digitaal.

On www.radiodigitaal.nl were heard to programs on Radio 538:

And from Radio 10 Gold:

  • Radio 10 Gold
  • 60's & 70's hits
  • 80's hits
  • 90's hits
  • Radio 10 Gold Disco Classics

And also Manpower Radio@Work.

4FM (Belgium)

In Belgium Talpa was active with 4FM. 4FM received a frequency package in Flanders after Belgian equivalent of Zero Base. As a result, the station will air its coverage increased sharply, resulting in increased listening figures. 4FM is working with Q-music, the other 'national' commercial station in Flanders. This station, which is owned by the VMMa, took over 4FM in May 2007. The growth of 4FM and Q-music comes mostly at the expense of Radio Donna, the hit station of the public broadcaster VRT.

Talpa Content

Talpa Content is the division within Talpa Holding has set itself the aim of developing crossmedia formats for Talpa TV, radio, internet and mobile telephony and digital television.

Talpa Content Sweden

Talpa Scandinavia is a content company that focuses on developing content for new media and television. The company produces no content and spend these tasks. This is because it believes that future production is not an important link in the development process in a mature market can be outsourced.

The business is run by Anna Carrfors Bråkenhielm, she was responsible for the worldwide mega hit of Expeditie Robinson and is known as one of the most prominent format developers of the world. Anna Carrfors Bråkenhielm gave last year to be ready for a new challenge. She called John de Mol for obtaining advice and he offered her a job, about that they have to think not in their own words long.

Recently, she said that during her previous tenure at Strix Television in Sweden to one big wish was not yet arrived. Namely, the score of a televisiehit in the United States. With support from Talpa Creative tries to make this dream come true.

Talpa Scandinavia is in the short time that it exists in the successful development of new formats for new media and television. In addition, the company has recently signed a deal with a Nordic telecom operator mobile content.

Talpa Productions

Talpa productions is the business unit that developed by Talpa Content content, produces and sells to stations.


In addition to the content branch which Talpa devises television programs, a cross-media approach plays a major role within the group. For that reason, there is established an internal cross-media department, where possible programs and formats engages in a cross-media environment. So Big Brother was big on television, internet, mobile phones and a digital magazine accommodated. Additionally Talpa had with Versatel an agreement to launch new interactive applications around the program via digital television.

John de Mol announced at the first press presentation of Talpa Holding that cross-media thinking had to be Talpa's second nature.


  • Talpa is Latin for Mol (English: Mole), the surname of the founder of this company.


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