Tal Ordell

Talone Ordell (1880–1948), better known as Tal Ordel, was an Australian actor, writer and director. Ordell was probably born in Calcutta, India, seventh child of Victorian-born parents William Odell Raymond Buntine, drover, and his wife Susanna, née Mawley[1]. He worked extensively on stage and screen as an actor in the 1910s and 1920s, playing Dad Rudd twice for Raymond Longford and Dad Hayseed – a similar role – three times for Beaumont Smith. He was the original "Ginger Mick" in the stage version of The Sentimental Bloke. He toured Australia with Marie Tempest.[2]

He turned director with The Kid Stakes (1927), based on the cartoon character Fatty Finn. In the 1930s he worked more in radio as a writer and actor.[3]

Select filmography

Select theatre credits

  • On Our Selection – actor
  • The Sentimental Bloke – actor
  • Kangaroo Flat (1926) – author


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