Take My Head

Take My Head is the second studio album by the London-based band Archive. This album is a collaboration of Danny Griffiths and Darius Keeler together with singer Suzanne Wooder.

Take My Head
Studio album by
GenrePost-rock, progressive rock, electronica, pop rock, trip hop, ambient
Archive chronology
Take My Head
You All Look the Same to Me

Track listing

  1. "You Make Me Feel" 4:06
  2. "The Way You Love Me" 3:33
  3. "Brother" 3:44
  4. "Well Known Sinner" 4:23
  5. "The Pain Gets Worse" 4:34
  6. "Woman" 3:39
  7. "Cloud in the Sky" 4:41
  8. "Take My Head" 4:39
  9. "Love in Summer" 4:58
  10. "Rest My Head on You" 3:56
"Home" 2:00 (hidden track)

The album contains a hidden track, which begins one minute after the end of "Rest My Head on You".


  • There is also a limited edition of this album, which contains 2 remixes of the first track, You Make Me Feel.
  • This album is the only one that features Suzanne Wooder as singer of the band.
  • "You Make Me Feel" was chosen for the Garnier Olia advert in 2012.

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