Taiwan Baseball Summer League

The Taiwan Baseball Summer League (Traditional Chinese: 爆米花夏季棒球聯盟), or Popcorn League (Traditional Chinese: 爆米花聯盟), is the top-tier semi professional baseball league in Taiwan. The league was established in 2014.

Taiwan Baseball Summer League
No. of teams6
Country Taiwan
TV partner(s)Videoland
Level on pyramid1
Official websitewww.CTBA.org.tw (in Chinese)

Current clubs

Club Chinese Name Joined in
* Veetime 台中威達 2014
Taiwan Power 台灣電力 2014
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合庫金控 2014
National Sports Training Center 國家儲訓 2014
Topco Scientific 崇越隼鷹 2014
Chii Lih Coral li 綺麗珊瑚s 2014

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